NJPW Dominion Results (6/9): Okada vs Jericho, Jon Moxley In Action!



Tama and Sanada had a tremendous exchange to get things started, with the Bullet Club founder going counter-for-counter while Sanada tried and failed to put him in the Paradise Lock. Evil hit the ring and cleaned house, as Tanga Loa made the mistake of getting in his face and trash-talking, only to be lit up with big suplexes and some loud, heavy chops.

Evil continued to dominate the pace for several minutes until Jado smacked him with a kendo stick, allowing Tama Tonga to kick him low. GoD controlled him with quick tags, stomping away at the big man’s arm while keeping him on the mat. They hit a double dropkick, but only got two. This went on for a very long time until at long last Sanada was able to make the hot tag. He took both guys out with low dropkicks to the knees, sent them over the ropes, and took both out with a huge tope con hillo out to the floor.

Sanada finally put Tanga Loa in the Paradise Lock and dropkicked his rear, but the champ shot back up and sent him flying with belly-to-belly suplex across the ring. Evil came out of nowhere and steamrolled through him, followed by Sanada springboarding into the ring with a missile dropkick. Tama ran into the ring but was immediately met with a hard elbow strike from Evil, when put him on the top rope and connected with a Superplex, right into a standing moonsault from Sanada for a nearfall.

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The challengers started pelting Tama with nasty kicks before motioning for the Magic Killer. GoD fought back and an all-out brawl went all over the ring as everyone traded counter-for-counter. Evil locked in the Scorpion Death Lock on one of the brothers, while Sanada applied the Skull End to the other. We nearly got a tap out, but Jado yanked the referee out of the ring and hit him with the kendo stick to save his team.

Jado got in the ring and smacked Evil with his kendo stick several times. Bushi out of nowhere to make the save, as he took the kendo stick away and sprayed black mist into his face! The crowd went wild for this, as Bushi followed Jado out to the floor with a huge tope con hillo into the barricade. The challengers set up for the Magic Killer, but the refere was still recovering and didn’t see Tama blast Evil with his title belt. Loa with the roll-up and a handful of tights, and the Guerrillas retain.

Winners & Still Champions: Guerrillas of Destiny


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