NJPW Dominion Results (6/9): Okada vs Jericho, Jon Moxley In Action!


— Katsuyori Shibata is here! The Wrestler makes his way down the entrance ramp and points towards the tron where a video package of his Greatest Hits are playing. A mystery man starts walking up the ramp towards him and… it’s KENTA! KENTA (Hideo Itami) has arrived in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and he has officially declared that he wants to enter the G1 Climax!


The first few minutes of this match were an absolutely incredible exchange of counters, as they both tried for all their most deadly moves right off the bat and effortlessly flew from one exchange to the next. This is going to be wild. Ospreay won a lock-up and took things down to the mat, slowing things down for a few beats while he worked the abdomen with a nasty-looking modified body stretch.

Lee eventually got to the ropes and fired back with a flurry of strikes, a standing dropkick that sent Will into the corner, and a hesitation dropkick that nearly took his head off. Ospreay off the ropes with the spinning enzuigiri out of nowhere, and he’s right back in control. He connects with a Phenomenal Forearm for an early two-count. He set up for the Sasuke Special and cleared the ring, but Lee caught him in midair with a brutal knee strike! Lee set him up on a table on the other side of the barricade then hit the ring, getting a huge running start before – HOLY S*** he just did a suicide dive OVER the barricade into the commentary ring, nearly murdering Ospreay with a flying headbutt!

The champ slowly rolled him back into the ring, but couldn’t get a three-count. He went to the top rope but Ospreay caught him and sent him dropping to the floor. The challenger reminded everyone that he’s still a junior heavyweight by effortlessly spinning into a Phoenix Splash all the way to the floor, taking them both down. Eventually they both rolled back into the ring, and Ospreay set up for the Stormbreaker, couldn’t get it, nailed him with kicks to the head, and then finally got him up, but Lee countered into a huge Tornado DDT.

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After a beat, both guys sat up in the middle of the ring and started trading forearms, one after another. Ospreay nearly passed out, but Hulked back up and went right back to the fight with even harder forearm strikes. Lee responded with forearms of his own, came off the ropes, but ran right into a superkick! Ospreay flew at him, Lee with a counter into the handspring German suplex, Ospreay with a counter into a Poison Rana. He put the challenger on the top rope and tried for an insane Hurricanrana to the floor, but OSPREAY LANDED ON HIS FEET!

Ospreay with a powerbomb into the ring apron! Superkick connects! He lined up for the Oscutter, but Dragon Lee met him in the air with a dropkick. They fought back and forth up to the top rope, and the champ actually did a double foot stomp with Ospreay hanging in the ropes, but crashed down to the floor and landed awkwardly on the floor. The referee begins his count and gets to 15, as Ospreay just collapses. He manages to get back in at 19, but Lee immediately murders him with a Helluva Kick in the corner.

Lee motions for the Desnucadora, but Ospreay found just enough life to kick him right in the face. He went for some kind of powerbomb maneuver, but the champ popped into an insane Canadian Destroyer! 1…2…NO! Lee immediately followed with a running knee strike to the jaw, but it still wasn’t enough to get the pin. One, two, three more knee strikes. He goes for Desnucadora again, but Will lands on his feet and nails a hook kick! Hidden Blade connects! Ospreay wants the Super Oscutter – and he nails it! STORMBREAKER! 1…2…3!

Winner & New Champion: Will Ospreay


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