NJPW Dominion Results (6/9): Okada vs Jericho, Jon Moxley In Action!



Okada is in rare form here. In an unusual sight for the champion, he is clearly not taking Jericho seriously as he throws his gear at him with a big smile on his face, before taking a minute to bask in loud chants from the crowd. Jericho attempts to take things to the mat and disrespectfully slaps his opponent in the head several times, prompting Okada to take his head off with an elbow strike. The challenger actually ran around the ring trying to escape, but eventually got caught with a big boot. He went to the top rope, looking for a missile dropkick, but Jericho caught his legs and put him in the Walls!

Jericho broke his own hold to take the champion to the floor, throwing him over the barricade and delivering a nasty DDT on top of one of the commentary tables. He went under the ring and produced another table, setting up for a powerbomb, but Okada fights his way free. Jericho steals one of the video cameras and mocks his opponent relentlessly, before climbing to the top rope and connecting with a flying crossbody for two.

Jericho continued to mock the champion, pie-facing him and yelling obscenities at the crowd. This would normally be a mistake, but Okada seemed to have no answer for his style and continued to get beatdown, time and time again. After several minutes Okada managed to counter a crossbody with a flapjack, and managed to kip up and connect with a series of shoulder tackles. A body splash connected in the corner followed by a DDT, before he took Jericho to the floor and started hammering him into the barricade.

Okada threw his opponent into the fans and got a huge running start, leaping over the barricade looking for a crossbody, but Jericho caught him in midair with the Codebreaker! Both men down. They would eventually roll back into the ring after exercising the full 20-count, and Jericho set in with a series of running lariats in the corner. He tried for a Tombstone Piledriver and they went back and forth with the move a few times until he actually countered into the Walls again!

Jericho freaked out because Okada refused to tap out, and he actually threw the referee down in his frustration. The champion rallied with a dropkick, pulled him to the top rope, Jericho kicked him in the face and flew off the ropes, but Okada dropkicked him out of the air. Tombstone coming… and he hits it. He sets up for the first Rainmaker of the match, but Jericho ducks the clothesline and rolls him up into a schoolboy pin for two-and-three-quarters.

The champ shot right back up and connected with another dropkick, which brought the crowd to life. He climbed the ropes but Jericho caught him with heavy right hands, then bounced his head off the turnbuckle and sent him to the floor with a springboard triangle dropkick. Jericho climbed the ropes, but this time it was Okada who fought him off and dropped him with an Air Raid Siren. He again went for the Rainmaker, but Jericho ducked it and hit an enzuigiri.

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Both guys slowly get to their feet and start trading nasty haymakers and elbow strikes, until Jericho fell to one knee. Okada came off the ropes but ran into a dropkick – Lionsault connects, but it’s not enough. The challenger again got in the referee’s face over the pin, and again Okada sent him flying across the ring with a shotgun dropkick. He went absolutely nuts stomping a mudhole in him, then rushed the corner – Jericho counters with the Codebreaker! 1…2…NO!

Y2J has had enough and tells the crowd to shut up, as they try to get their champion back into the match. He removes one of the turnbuckle pads, which got tons of heat, but turned around into a Codebreaker from Okada! He dragged him back up and hit the Spinning Tombstone, tried for the Rainmaker, but for the third time Jericho ducked the move and applied the Walls of Jericho. When that didn’t work he reapplied the move into the Liontamer, but Okada powered through and sent him flying.

Jericho wasn’t phased and set up for his new Judas Effect, but Okada rolled him into a small package out of nowhere – just like he did to Kenny Omega in their final match! – and got the win!

Winner & Still Champion: Kazuchika Okada

— Jericho couldn’t believe what had just happened and immediately attacked Okada after the match was over. He went under the ring and got a steel chair (a proper American one) and actually smacked the champion right in the face with it. He picked up the champ and nailed him with the Judas Effect, then stood on his head as the crowd bood him. Jericho then wrapped the chair around his head and sent him crashing into the ring post! The referee tried to get involved, but got punched in the face for his trouble.

He’s not done! He motions to the table that was set up earlier and goes for a powerbomb, but Tanahashi is here! The Ace jumped the rails and is going crazy on Jericho with wild rights and lefts! An army of Young Lions and officials were able to get in between them and force Y2J to leave. He grabbed a microphone and trashed the country of Japan, then mocked Tanahashi and told Okada to “keep your title, bitch.”

With Jericho finally in the back, Tanahashi returns to the ring to check on the IWGP champion, who is laying on the ground with trainers icing his neck. The Ace helps the Rainmaker up and walks him through the crowd and out the arena to end our show.

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