NJPW G1 Climax Results – Day 10: Kenny Omega vs Sanada, Tomohiro Ishii vs Kota Ibushi


NJPW G1 Climax – Day 10
July 28, 2018
Aichi, Japan

Undercard Matches

–Bad Luck Fale & Tanga Loa def. Togi Makabe & Toa Henare

— Hangman Page & Chase Owens def. Jay White & Yoh

–Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado def. EVIL & BUSHI

–Yoshi-Hashi & Sho def. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shota Umino

— Michael Elgin & David Finlay def. Kazuchika Okada & Gedo

B Block Matches

— ZACK SABRE JR. (4) def. TAMA TONGA (6)

Unfortunately, this was exactly the same as all the other Bullet Club OG matches in the tournament so far. Tanga Loa interfered early and often. Zack got in almost no offense early on and couldn’t string moves together because of the constant distractions, which is completely opposite of how he general wrestles. Things picked up later on when Sabre came back with suplexes and lightning quick strikes. Tama dropped him with a Tongan Twist but they went back and forth, trading suplexes and pinfall attempts. He went for the Gun Stun and Sabre caught him with a triangle choke out of the air, but the referee went down and Loa immediately hit the ring for a two-on-one beatdown. Zack astonishingly fought them both off, choked out Loa with an Octopus Stretch before running a beautiful misdirection play forcing Tama to take out his own brother with the Gun Stun. ZSJ actually had his opponent tapping out to the Octopus Stretch after doing some joint manipulation, but the referee was still knocked out. Bad Luck Fale came in and crushed him with a Grenade and the Bad Luck Fale, causing a disqualification.


Juice hit a bunch of punches early on but got yelled at by the referee for using the cast on his broken hand as a weapon. They brawled to the outside and Yano attacked the injured hand, taping it to the barricade and smashing it with a steel chair. How is that not a disqualification? Juice barely rolled back into the ring before the 20 count and they started fighting back and forth with turnbuckle pads, as the referee had apparently just given up caring at this point in the tournament. They did an airplane spin spot where it kept going for so long that both guys tumbled around the ring, flailing wildly before collapsing in unison. After a beat, Juice hit a big back suplex and a running senton for two, before Yano rolled him up with a handful of tights and nearly stole the match. Juice unravelled the bandages on his broken hand and nailed Yano in the jaw, the two did a hilarious spot where they twirled around in circles countering each other’s Pulp Friction attempts, and eventually Juice hit his finisher and scored his first win of the tournament.


This match was awesome! They went right after each other throwing dozens and dozens of elbow strikes and forearms, back and forth. Ishii of course got the better of the exchange, but Ibushi fired up and got in his face, demanding to be hit even harder. The two went out in the crowd and started brawling up into the stands. Ishii went for a powerbomb in the total darkness and Ibushi reversed it with a hurricanrana, but you could only see the sequence through the flashes from people’s cameras. Really cool aesthetic moment. Ibushi like a madman did a moonsault off the second floor and nearly killed them both. Eventually they got back to the ring and traded forearms again, and the Golden Star fired back with stiff kicks to the chest. The Stone PItbull destroyed him with a headbutt and a lariat, but when he delivered a release German suplex, Ibushi popped right back up and got in his face. He hit another German, and again Ibushi popped back up with an even more insane look on his face. They went back and forth with these insane slaps chops to the head, over and over again until it got seriously uncomfortable. Ishii backed him into the corner and started kicking at his head and throat, to the point where the referee almost through the match out. Ibushi fired back with this SICKENING closed fists right to his opponent’s tree trunk neck, cutting off all oxygen as Ishii struggled to breath. The Golden Star Powerbomb connected, but it only got two-and-a-half. He tried for the Kamigoye but the big man countered with three disgusting headbutts and nailed him with a Kamigoye of his own. He hit a monstrous, high-angle powerbomb landing his opponent right on the back of his neck, then turned him inside out with the most insane lariat you’ve ever seen, but somehow the young star kicked out at 2.99. Ishii went for the Brainbuster and hit it, but like the f**king Undertaker Ibushi kicked out at ONE and sat straight up, an insane look and creepy smile on his face. After what felt like a million strikes and kicks to the face, he hit the Komigoye once more, and picked up the victory in one of the most hard-hitting G1 matches in history.


— KENNY OMEGA (8) vs. SANADA (6)