NJPW Power Struggle Results (11/3): Chris Jericho Defends, Wrestle Kingdom Previews, Super Jr. Tag League Finals, Suzuki/Ishii & More

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KUSHIDA, TOMOAKI HONMA & TOGI MAKABE vs. BULLET CLUB (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa & Robbie Eagles) 

Kind of an interesting matchup here. Honma and Makabe will be working together in the World Tag League later this month, and you have to assume GoD will be as well. Kushida is the current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and that puts the newcomer Robbie Eagles in a good position if they can get a win over him here. Taiji Ishimori came out with Bullet Club on crutches.

The Club attacked before the bell and picked apart Honma with relative easy for the first few minutes. It didn’t help that every time he got a chance to come back, he tried for and missed the Kokeshi (flying headbutt). Eventually Makabe got the hot tag and threw Eagles around like a sack of potatoes. The babyfaces all did mounted punches in the corner which the fans liked, before Kushida started lighting everybody up with stiff, rapid kicks and strikes.

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Eagles caught the juniors ace with a sliding lariat to the back of the head, but Kushida came right back with a springboard dropkick in response. Honma hit everybody with Kokeshis — no idea who was legal at this point as it turned into total chaos. In a beautiful spot, Kushida blocked a Gun Stun attempt from Tama right into the Hoverboard Lock. Jado blasted him with a kendo stick from the apron while the referee was distracted. The ref then went after Jado, and Ishimori ran into the ring, continuing the assault with his crutch. Gun Stun! 1…2…3.

Winners: Bullet Club

After the match Bullet Club beat the absolute hell out of Kushida. Ishimori is clearly not injured and was faking it all along, as he held up the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship and stood on the champion’s face. Makabe hit the ring swinging a chain wildly, chasing them all off.


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