NJPW Signs Popular Pokemon Character in Hilarious April Fool’s Day Prank


It’s already April 1st in Japan and the nation’s top wrestling promotion has wasted little time in rolling out the April Fool’s Day pranks.

In a news blast sent out early Sunday morning (Saturday afternoon in America) NJPW issued an “emergency press conference” to announce the signing of popular Pokemon character Eevee to the active roster. The article stated that Eevee, a “normal type wrestler” reported to the New Japan Dojo and shows great promise, even “brilliant rope work”, roughly translated. There are even comments from third generation legend Yuji Nagata and New Japan ace Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Because the two share similar names, EVIL (formerly Takaaki Watanabe) of the Los Ingobernables de Japon faction was chosen to face off against the newcomer in its first official match at the Dojo. The LIJ star reportedly demanding that the adorable creature return to its Pokeball before a wild bout took place involving steel chairs, bumped referee’s and Eevee even hitting its special “Z-Move”. In the end the referee was incapacitated and the two fought to a 30-minute time limit draw.