NJPW Strong Style Evolved Results: Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi vs The Young Bucks, Jay White Defends, More


NJPW Strong Style Evolved
March 25, 2018
Long Beach, CA

– Jim Ross and Josh Barnett welcome us to the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach. We see a video package that recaps last year’s arrival in the U.S. with Kenny Omega winning the IWGP U.S. title and brings us current with Jay White taking the title from him, and the implosion between Bullet Club that is layered throughout this card.


Sho and Yo controlled early with quick tags and some tremendous high flying. Kazarian looked like he tweaked his knee coming off the ropes, and was limping around quite a bit. He continued the match but visibly had to change things up a bit, and hopefully didn’t seriously injure himself. Things completely broke down at the end as Kaz looked for a Tombstone on Rocky as Scorpio went flying over the ropes to take out a mass of humanity. Daniels came off the springboard and connected with the Best Meltzer Driver Ever, but Yo just barely broke it up in time. After a bit more back and forth the New Japan stars cleared the ring and hit Daniels with the 3K to get the pin. // Winners: Roppongi 3K


Juice and Goto did the ole test of strength by slamming into each other over and over again, trying to knock the other down. They’re clearly building to a showdown for the NEVER title down the line, as that story continued throughout the match and they made Juice work hard for his comebacks. Goto caught him with the Ushigoroshi nearing the end, but it wasn’t enough and the two brawled all over ringside. Finlay ended up pinning Gedo with a move the crowd didn’t recognize as a finisher, so nobody reacted. Decent match but a very flat ending // Winners: Juice Robinson & David Finlay


Archer came out spitting his water bottle all over the fans. Some fans tried to run away so he hopped the barricade and literally chased them down to spray water all over them. The crowd exploded for Yano with some audible “Chuckie T” chants mixed in. Yano got taken out early so the first half of the match was Chuck getting mercilessly beaten down like he stole something. He mounted a huge comeback and eventually got the hot tag to Yano who did all his usual comedy antics; the crowd loved it, but Archer didn’t exactly feel the same. He managed to throw the big man into an exposed turnbuckle but Davey Boy sent him flying into the barricade. Chuckie countered a Killer Bomb and kicked out of a chokeslam sending the fans into a frenzy, but the fight of his life wasn’t enough to shake off a second Killer Bomb. // Winners: Killer Elite Squad

– “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes came out and trashed New Japan booking for putting him in this match tonight with GoD. He claims “Bullet Club is fine” and refused to wrestle his brothers because they are all part of the same team. Cody then tried to butter up Tama Tonga by calling him a “Bullet Club OG” and putting them over as three-time IWGP Tag Team Champions, while he was the real star that people came to see in 2018. Tanga Loa took the mic and told him to shut the hell up, saying that he and his brother were definitely not Team Cody.


Cody refused to tag in at first and let Marty do all the work. The crowd absolutely HATED him but loved everything Marty tried to do, leading to a strange dynamic between the two. GoD was on fire here with something to prove, clearly upset about being left behind in this crumbling Bullet Club storyline. At one point Scurll set up for the chicken wing and probably would have won the match, but Cody tagged himself in and ran right into the Tongan Twist. And that was the story of the match – Cody getting far too cocky and GoD making him pay for it. He tried to do the Kenny Omega Terminator dive but got destroyed by an NFL-like spear. Things completely broke down as Cody hit the Cross Rhodes on Loa to put it away. // Winners: Cody Rhodes & Marty Scurll

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