NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 Results (1/4): Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho, Okada Defends Record-Breaking Title Reign


Welcome to our exclusive live results and discussion area for tonight’s massive NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 event, live from the historic Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.

Tonight’s coverage begins at 2AM EST beginning with a one hour pre-show featuring the annual New Japan Rumble match. You can watch the show by subscribing to New Japan World at njpwworld.com for less than $9 per month (cancel anytime), and English commentary will be provided by Kevin Kelly and Don Callis.

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NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 Results
January 4, 2018
Tokyo, Japan

– Kevin Kelly and Don Callis are here to welcome us to the Wrestle Kingdom pre-show as the annual New Japan Rumble is already getting underway as the first two competitors make their way to the ring.


The massive Katsuya Kitamura is the first man out so he’ll have to run the gauntlet if he wants to make a statement here tonight. The high-flying Bushi of Los Igobernables is out at number two! Delirious is a surprise entrant at number three. He sprints around the ring several times and tries to chop Kitamura down to size, but is quickly sent flying into the corner. The newest member of the Bullet Club family Leo Tonga is out at number four. Finally someone roughly the same size as Kitamura, as he connects with a sitting sideslam for two on the big man.

Manabu Nakanishi is out at number five, looking blown up just getting to the ring. Delirious tried to put up a fight but took a few brutal chops for his trouble. Nakanishi turned his attention to Bushi, who was getting a big too much momentum going, and lit him up with chops as well. The bell counts down and Chase Owens is number six to increase numbers for the Bullet Club. He went right after Kitamura with the help of Leo Tonga, then killed Delirious with a package piledriver for three. Delirious is the first eliminated, followed quickly by Bushi who was easily tossed over the ropes right on top of him.

Yuji Nagata is out at number seven to a huge pop for Blue Justice. He goes right after Nakanishi and the third generation veterans trade stiff elbows as the crowd comes alive for them. Taka Michinoku is number eight and makes his way out just as both the third gen guys double team Leo Tonga to eliminate the big man. Chase Owens snuck up on them and somehow managed to eliminate both guys, then hit Kitamura with a package piledriver to eliminate the newly graduated Young Lion as well.

Michinoku enters the ring and starts trading back and forth with Chase as they’re suddenly the only two left in the ring thanks to that crazy spree by Owens. Yoshinobu Kanemaru is ninth out to join his Suzuki-Gun brother as the two put the boots to Chase in the corner who can’t mount much of a comeback against him. The bell tolls as Desperado is number 10 to make it a 3-on-1 assault. They eventually toss Owens over the top rope so now it’s just the Suzuki-Gun members left in the ring, but the bell tolls again and… it’s Jushin Thunder Liger out at number 11!

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Liger is fearless and hits the ring going right after all three heels. He cleans house with rapid strikes and kicks to his opponents and manages to get Desperado alone in the surfboard stretch, but they quickly recovered and put the boots to the legend. Tiger Mask is 12 and he attempts to help his fellow masked super hero. Suzuki-Gun of course starts going after their masks but Tiger turns the tide and pummels Desperado with strikes, and nearly rips his mask off! Tiger Driver connects, but Taka makes the save to break up the pin.

Juicy Gino Gambino is out at 13 all the way from Australia. I believe he is one of Bad Luck Fale’s students who earned a spot in the Rumble at a show in the last few weeks. Desperado’s mask got ripped clean off as did a portion of Liger’s, and both men were quickly eliminated as they were forced to clutch their face to keep their identities concealed. Tiger Mask got eliminated somewhere in that scuffle as well. Gambino cleans house on the rest of Suzuki-Gun and eliminates both Kanemaru and Michinoku.

Henara is out at number 14 so we’ve got two guys from Australia that are apparently very familiar with each other. Yoshi-Hashi is 15 in the “how does this guy not have a better spot on the card” reveal. David Finlay is out at 16 looking to make a big statement. Gambino and Henare both got dumped over the top ropes, and Finlay snuck a schoolboy pin on Yoshi-Hashi out of nowhere to eliminate him as well. Yujiro Takahashi is out at number 17 accompanied by the lovely Tokyo Latina. He rushes the ring and throws over Finlay who tried to skin the cat to save himself, but he got dumped over on the second attempt.

Cheeseburger is out at number 18 to a massive pop, for some reason. He caught Yujiro with a running bulldog and started putting the boots to the remaining Bullet Club member, until Satoshi Kojima made his way down to round out the 19th entrant. Kojima got a few shots in but quickly fell to a quicker offense from Takahashi. Hiroyoshi Tenzan came down at 20 to rescue his Tencozy partner. Masahito Kakihara, who battled cancer and lived to tell the story, is out at 21 as the surprise and final entrant. Lots of strikes fly from all four men but eventually it’s both Tencozy members who go flying over the ropes and are eliminated. Cheeseburger put up a fight, but got caught with a leg sweep STO for the final pin.

Winner: Masahito Kakihara

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