NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 Results: Kenny Omega vs Hiroshi Tanahashi, Chris Jericho vs Tetsuya Naito, Cody Rhodes Defends



Lots and lots of counters early on as both guys are masters of transitioning into armbars and other various submissions. Kushida was blocking everything and going right for strikes to the arm, softening his opponent up for his inevitable finisher. He connected with a running kick to the back of the head, looked for a modified Time Bomb, but Ishimori scooped him up for a package pieldriver! Early pin incoming for 1…2…no. They started flying through more and more counters, both guys looking for their finishers, Eventually Ishimori hit the Bloody Cross, and it was over. A ten minute match that felt like a three-minute match it flew by so quickly.

Winner and New Champion: Taiji Ishimori


Okada came out to his original theme song, with his bleach-blond hair in full Rainmaker attire, which got a tremendous reaction from the crowd. When he ripped his rope off to reveal he was back to wearing trunks, instead of the pants everyone hates, the crowd popped even more!

White went after him right away, sending Okada into the barricades over and over again, smashing his back against the edge of the ring apron. The beating continued for several minutes until Jay made the mistake of climbing to the top rope, and the record-breaking former champion sent him flying to the outside with his signature high elevation dropkick.

Okada started firing up, and the fans came alive with him. He took it to White with wild rights and lefts, brawling all over the ringside area before throwing him over the barricade and out into the crowd. Gedo came up from behind and attacked Okada, who completely no-sold it. Gedo looked like he had seen a ghost, and Okada went after him, beating him senseless before throwing him over the barricade as well. He went to fly and actually cleared the guardrail, taking both guys out with a running crossbody.

Eventually the referee managed to restore some control and got both guys back to the ring. After more distractions from Gedo, the Switchblade was once again in control, connecting with an amazing deadlift German suplex bridge for a nearfall. A chair got put into the ring and White tried to use it while the referee was distracted, but Okada ducked the blow and hit a second dropkick. He hit the Rainmaker pose, the crowd popped huge, but White took a cheap shot and countered into the Kiwi Crusher for the 1…2…NO!

White maintained wrist control and looked for his own Rainmaker, but Okada ducked the lariat and scooped him up — TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER CONNECTS! No matter what he did, try as he might, Okada could not hit the Rainmaker. The two went back and forth looking for counters, what must have been a dozen times, until finally the CHAOS leader connected with a spinning lariat, turning his opponent inside out. Rainmaker coming — WHITE COUNTERED! BLADE RUNNER CONNECTS! 1…2…3!

Winner: Jay White


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