NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 Results: Kenny Omega vs Hiroshi Tanahashi, Chris Jericho vs Tetsuya Naito, Cody Rhodes Defends



Naito attacked the WWE legend during his entrance and immediately took the fight to the outside, bashing him into the barricades, brawling up and down the entrance ramp, and even dropping the champion with a piledriver out on the floor. The complete mirror of their Dominion match where Y2J dominated the entire thing. Naito hit a suplex and looked to dive to the outside, but Jericho nailed him in the face with a kendo stick he produced from somewhere.

Jericho kept up the attack with numerous shots from the kendo stick, including a big overhead swing from the top rope. The champ began blatantly choking out his opponent with the foreign object, but there was nothing the referee could do about it. As soon as Naito started showing signs of life, Jericho dropped him with a springboard dropkick to the outside.

Y2J took things to the floor, refusing to end the match. They fought out into the crowd and up on top of a table, and Jericho connected with a DDT that bounced his opponent’s head off the wood with a sick thud. The table didn’t break. He got the ring bell and started hitting it, which confused some people as Don Callis kept saying “It’s over! It’s over!” The crowd didn’t like that one bit.

Back in the ring Jericho climbed the ropes and connected with a diving crossbody from the top — he’s taking it up a notch from his usual double ax handle spot. The crowd booed even harder when he did his cocky pin, posing on top of the fallen Naito, who at this point was barely moving. But just as I type that, Naito began stirring, fighting back with rights and lefts. He hit a dropkick followed by a lariat to the back of the neck, and quickly dropped his opponent with a neckbreaker for a nearfall.

This time Naito got a bit too cocky, doing a lazy pin while throwing up the LIJ fist, which the crowd didn’t seem to mind this time around. He came off the second rope but Jericho caught him, rolling into the Walls. They did a long, long submission tease with Jericho screaming at the ref, “ASK HIM” several times. Every time Naito got close to the ropes, he pulled him back to the middle and reapplied the submission. Eventually Naito crawled to the kendo stick instead, blasting his opponent in the back of the head several times to break it up.

Naito went on the attack with over a dozen kendo stick shots. He went for the Destino but couldn’t quite get it, and Jericho nailed him with a Codebreaker out of nowhere! 1…2…NO! A pissed off Jericho rolled outside and started throwing chair after chair into the ring. He stacked them all up in the center of the ring, save for one, which he of course used to destroy Naito’s spine with, over and over again. He set up for a powerbomb into the chairs, but Naito turned it into a DDT! He went crazy, throwing the chairs from the ring in a fit of rage, before dropping Y2J with a Codebreaker of his own! 1…2……NO!

Naito looked to put the match away, climbing the ropes with a kendo stick in hand, but Jericho threw a chair into his face instead. Codebreaker coming — Naito countered with the Gloria into a stack of chairs! He set up for the Destino, but Jericho shoved the referee into the ropes and hit his opponent with a low blow, connecting with a second Codebreaker for the 1…2……NO! NAITO SOMEHOW KICKED OUT! THE CROWD IS GOING INSANE!

An infuriated Jericho had no idea what to do at this point and rolled to the floor, grabbing his Intercontinental Championship belt. He went to use it upside Naito’s head, but the challenger countered and sent him head-first into an exposed turnbuckle! DESTINO CONNECTS! 1…2… STILL NO! WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE!? This time Naito got a hold of the title — the same title he personally destroyed once upon a time — blasted Jericho with it, picked his dead body back up, connected with a second Destino for the 1…2…3!

Winner and New Champion: Tetsuya Naito


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