No New WWE Champion at Battleground, Power Outage Causes Delay


– There was a power outage at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York which caused a delay before the start of the WWE Battleground main event. The pay-per-view feeds came back online after a few minutes and the announcers acknowledged the outage.

– There was no WWE Champion crowned in the main event of tonight’s Battleground pay-per-view. Big Show interfered at the end and ended up knocking out both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. The pay-per-view ended with Show’s music playing while he posed for the fans.

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  1. Even after the lights went back on…you could tell that the communications they had with the control truck were either still not working…or the truck was too busy to communicate with the commentators.

    Cause for at least 15 minutes of the main event match…all the commentators were struggling to call the match. A lot of..”uuhhs” and “umms” and even times where any of them were talking at all.

  2. Lol u people r never happy, this is surprising outcome I’m was digging Orton as chamo he’s was an awesome heel and Id like to see Daniels win at mania

    • I here what your saying I dug the PPV and to make it so there was no champion great. Why cant Big Show be the Face he got the hand of GOD.

  3. Most of the matches on this card shouldn’t have been PPV matches. When I was watching at the Squared Circle the blackout got a bigger pop than R-Truth or Kofi or Cesaro or AJ or The Bellas or Santino.

    Seriously how the hell did Santino snag a PPV spot while Ziggler was relegated to the free warm up show?!?!

    • it was a last minute match put into place due to time guess they had to much time left over so they added that match.

      • It seems most of these ppv matches are THE MAIN EVENT quality matches. Nothing worth the overblown prices they are charging for these PPVs.

  4. if it wasnt for the power outage they would have had 10-15 mins left. stop the preshow crap and out some titles on the line.


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