NWA Announces Colt Cabana vs. James Storm for the National Title at Ring of Honor ‘Global Wars’


The NWA has announced Colt Cabana versus James Storm for the National Heavyweight Championship at Ring of Honor’s Global Wars on Sunday, May 12. Newly crowned champion Cabana is defending against The Cowboy, who recently challenged Colt for the title.

That challenge came mere moments after Cabana won the title at the NWA Crockett Cup in Concord, North Carolina. The April 27 event saw Colt defeat Willie Mack for the championship in what many fans feel was a highlight of the night.

Storm’s last NWA appearance was a match with World champion Nick Aldis on January 5, 2019. Storm made it known during his spot with Cabana that The Cowboy is not what the company has in mind for a top guy.

“It seems that the management wants someone that wears fancy suits. They wanted someone that speaks big words. They didn’t want someone who comes out here, has fun, drinks a lot of beer and raises a lot of d**n h**l! Well let me tell you something, management. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more people like me in this crowd than what you want as your champion.”

Storm said he respected Cabana because of Colt’s efforts to entertain the crowd every time he gets in the ring. Storm also said that he came up with the plan to challenge for Colt’s title as a way to get around the NWA so he will not be shut down or silenced.

Cabana versus Storm is yet another example of the partnership that exists between Ring of Honor and the NWA. It’s a partnership that is benefitting both sides and there is surely more to come at Global Wars and beyond.