NWA Crockett Cup Results (4/27): Nick Aldis Defends The ‘Ten Pounds Of Gold’, New World Tag Team Champions Crowned


NWA Crockett Cup Results
April 27, 2019
Concord, NC

— Ian Riccaboni and Jim Cornette are on commentary tonight, welcoming us to North Carolina where the Wild Card Battle Royal is about to take place. We’ve got an old school blue and yellow NWA ring with the Ring of Honor logo on the apron, and the Crockett Cup and the brand new NWA World Tag Team Championships are on display in the background.

— Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer (aka Bram) won a Wild Card Battle Royal to kick off the show, earning them the final spot in tonight’s Crockett Cup.


A bit of a feeling out process to get things started. Bandido tried to hold Guerrero in place for his partner, but Flip ended up accidentally superkicking him instead. Guerrero cleaned house with some beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreakers for both guys, over and over again. Stuka tagged in and sent Bandido flying across the entire ring with a giant monkey flip. He climbed to the top but surprised everyone by launching himself backwards all the way to the floor with a no-look torpedo plancha, taking out Flip. This match is just bonkers! At one point Flip actually monkey-flipped his own partner into a headscissors takedown on Stuka, before hitting a Golden Triangle Moonsault to the outside taking out Guerrero. Bandido hit a high-elevation Frog Splash for a nearfall. He flew across the ring into a ridiculous Sunset Flip, but tried for it a second time and Stuka was able to counter into a Destroyer! He nearly got the win off that, but Flip made the save at the last second. Guerrero hit his finisher, the Mayan Sacrifice, but Bandido broke it up with a double foot stomp.I’m not really sure how to explain the finish, other than Bandido sort of bounced Stuka off the ropes with a rebound vertical suplex, then threw him to Flip who hit a cutter out of the F5. Yeah.

Winners: Flip Gordon & Bandido

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