NWA Into The Fire Results


NWA Into The Fire Results
December 14, 2019
Atlanta, GA

— Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to the NWA studio in the heart of the ATL, and run down tonight’s card. There’s a Christmas tree set up to make things a bit more festive. Let’s head to the ring right away!

Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson

A bit of back-and-forth grappling as they get things started, taking it to the mat and jockeying for position. Drake throws a back elbow to the nose and whips Anderson into the corner, but is caught with a clothesline and a body slam for an early two-count. Anderson hits a boot and rebounds off the ropes with a back elbow of his own, but Drake fires back with rights and lefts, before hoisting him up and dropping his neck down over the ropes.

Drake slaps on a side headlock but doesn’t sit around for too long, instead delivering a spinebuster and a running elbow drop, with a little bit of theatrics for good measure. Anderson slugs him with a heavy right hook, but Drake fires one back at him and goes right back to the headlock.

After a beat, Anderson rallies back and the two start trading rights and lefts. He gets Drake up on his back and hits an Air Raid Crash, but it’s not enough. He heads to the second rope and attempts a sunset flip powerbomb, but Drake drops down and traps him in a pin. He got ’em!

Winner: Eli Drake

— The champ is here! Nick Aldis makes his way to the interview podium and gives us a good look at Sweet Charlotte, the Ten Pounds of Gold – the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. He thanks the fans and talks about the journey the NWA has been on, culminating here tonight in Atlanta. James Storm interrupts and informs him that neither one of them resurrected the National Wrestling Alliance. The reality is that they all did it together, them and the fans, and tonight the world will hear two words: “And New”. Oh, and one more thing. Sorry, about your damn luck!

Tasha Steelz vs. Thunder Rosa

Steelz sends her opponent flying with a headscissors right away, but Thunder Rosa is not impressed. Zero respect from Rosa, as she takes Steelz to the mat and stomps on her back over and over, before throwing her into the corner and continuing to work her opponent over. Steelz tries to throw a few punches, but is leveled with a big forearm strike. That only serves to pump her up, as she begins to deliver hard knife-edge chops. Thunder Rosa senses trouble and once again immediately takes things back to the mat, locking in a modified Romero Special for good measure. Steelz once again starts to rally, and hits a twisting neckbreaker as she screams “For The Culture!” Nice. Rosa responds with a few running kicks

Winner: Thunder Rosa

— Thunder Rosa continues to attack her poor opponent after the match, pounding the stuffing out of her on the mat. Ashley Vox ran out to make the save – or attempt to rather – and got beaten down as well. Rosa yanks her arm in an awkward way and stomps on her elbow in a brutal looking spot. Finally she takes her leave, as commentary wonders what will happen in tonight’s tag team match.


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