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NWA Into The Fire Results



NWA Into The Fire Results
December 14, 2019
Atlanta, GA

— Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to the NWA studio in the heart of the ATL, and run down tonight’s card. There’s a Christmas tree set up to make things a bit more festive. Let’s head to the ring right away!

Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson

A bit of back-and-forth grappling as they get things started, taking it to the mat and jockeying for position. Drake throws a back elbow to the nose and whips Anderson into the corner, but is caught with a clothesline and a body slam for an early two-count. Anderson hits a boot and rebounds off the ropes with a back elbow of his own, but Drake fires back with rights and lefts, before hoisting him up and dropping his neck down over the ropes.

Drake slaps on a side headlock but doesn’t sit around for too long, instead delivering a spinebuster and a running elbow drop, with a little bit of theatrics for good measure. Anderson slugs him with a heavy right hook, but Drake fires one back at him and goes right back to the headlock.

After a beat, Anderson rallies back and the two start trading rights and lefts. He gets Drake up on his back and hits an Air Raid Crash, but it’s not enough. He heads to the second rope and attempts a sunset flip powerbomb, but Drake drops down and traps him in a pin. He got ’em!

Winner: Eli Drake

— The champ is here! Nick Aldis makes his way to the interview podium and gives us a good look at Sweet Charlotte, the Ten Pounds of Gold – the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. He thanks the fans and talks about the journey the NWA has been on, culminating here tonight in Atlanta. James Storm interrupts and informs him that neither one of them resurrected the National Wrestling Alliance. The reality is that they all did it together, them and the fans, and tonight the world will hear two words: “And New”. Oh, and one more thing. Sorry, about your damn luck!

Tasha Steelz vs. Thunder Rosa

Steelz sends her opponent flying with a headscissors right away, but Thunder Rosa is not impressed. Zero respect from Rosa, as she takes Steelz to the mat and stomps on her back over and over, before throwing her into the corner and continuing to work her opponent over. Steelz tries to throw a few punches, but is leveled with a big forearm strike. That only serves to pump her up, as she begins to deliver hard knife-edge chops. Thunder Rosa senses trouble and once again immediately takes things back to the mat, locking in a modified Romero Special for good measure. Steelz once again starts to rally, and hits a twisting neckbreaker as she screams “For The Culture!” Nice. Rosa responds with a few running kicks

Winner: Thunder Rosa

— Thunder Rosa continues to attack her poor opponent after the match, pounding the stuffing out of her on the mat. Ashley Vox ran out to make the save – or attempt to rather – and got beaten down as well. Rosa yanks her arm in an awkward way and stomps on her elbow in a brutal looking spot. Finally she takes her leave, as commentary wonders what will happen in tonight’s tag team match.



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Nick Aldis Discusses The Upcoming Return Of NWA Powerr



Nick Aldis

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis recently spoke about the current plans for the return of NWA Powerr.

The show is set to return in 2021 following a break due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but there is currently no date attached to when that will be.

However, during a recent interview with ‘The Wrestling’s Cool’ podcast, Nick Aldis gave a hint at those plans, stating that he was “conservatively guessing” things will be back for Spring. He also revealed he has reached out to a few people he would like to be involved, but didn’t want to name any names.

“Depends on when we start up again. I would conservatively be guessing that we’ll be ready to do Powerrr again by the spring, and so I know who I — and it’s not up to me. I have obviously a fairly significant amount of influence, but I know who I would like to see on the show and there’s a few guys who I’ve reached out to and I’ve talked to Billy [Corgan] and Pat Kenney [Simon Diamond] and said, ‘Look, I’ve got this idea for this guy.’ But, I’m reluctant to say too much because one, given our track record of getting guys over and recognizing talent, the second I say their names, someone else is gonna try and sign them, and two because who knows what’s gonna happen with them between now and the spring? Some of them may end up signing a contract somewhere else so I don’t want to — I just don’t want that attention to go there.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions)

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James Storm Reveals How Much Money Beer Money Drew From Merchandise



james storm

Beer Money was one of TNA’s greatest ever tag team, and James Storm recently revealed just how popular the duo was.

When discussing with The Angle Podcast about if the team could reunite in WWE, Storm admitted he is confident they’d be good merchandise sellers, as the duo once made TNA a million dollars in just one year.

“You know, I don’t know if we’d be a top team. We’d be one of the top merchandise sellers, I’ll tell you that… because we made TNA like a million dollars in one year just off Beer Money merchandise so, I could only imagine with the WWE machine behind it or whatever. But, that’s hearsay, so we never know until maybe it happens so…”

Storm has recently made a couple of one-off appearances for IMPACT, and he spoke about the relationship he has with Scott D’Amore which has allowed those to happen.

“It was just Scott D’Amore, you know, messaged me and was like, ‘Hey, we’re going to be in Nashville filming. Just wanted to see if you happen to be available. We’d like for you to come in and be in this Battle Royal, a surprise entry or whatever’ and I was like, ‘Yeah sure. Whatever you guys need or whatever’ and we talked about it and agreed on it and then, when I was up there, they wanted me to come back the next day but I had [a] prior engagement. I had do an autograph signing or whatever so — they said, ‘Well, Alex Shelley got hurt, so [would you] like to come back and be [in] a tag team with Chris Sabin?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ Number one, it’d be fun and number two, I want to prove to everybody else that I can go out there and still go when I need to and so it was just one of those things. He’s like, ‘Alright, cool.’ So, I landed at 12 o’clock, drove right to the building, got dressed and performed, and did what was asked of me.”

James Storm also has a great working relationship with Billy Corgan and David Lagana, whom he worked with for NWA. He admitted that both men were actually trying to help give him the push to get to WWE when they brought him on board.

“I called David Lagana and Billy [Corgan] and talked to them, because I still had a rollover clause at the beginning of February in my contract, and they were like, ‘Look, as long as you can give us one date to drop the belts’ and I was gonna do that WrestleMania weekend when they do all the shows and I was like, ‘Yeah. I’ll do the right business. Whatever you guys need, just let me know…’ because they told me, ‘This was actually our goal to get you there [WWE]. You belong –’ not saying that NWA is not a big stage but, ‘You belong on the bigger stage. That’s where you belong’ and so I always thought that was really cool of Billy and Dave.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.)

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Trevor Murdoch Discusses Joining NWA & Who He’d Like To Face In AEW



NWA’s Trevor Murdoch recently appeared on The Angle Podcast where he discussed how he joined the company, and possible AEW matches.

Murdoch admitted that he was taking time away from wrestling in order to look after the late, Harley Race. It was actually at his funeral when he had a conversation with Nick Aldis and Dave Lagana.

“I was on my way out. I was dealing with some things with Harley as his health was declining, and I was virtually ready to hang up the boots,” Murdoch said. “Harley had passed away, and a representative of NWA and the Real World’s Champion, Nick Aldis, and Dave Lagana showed up to Harley’s funeral, and after the funeral, they had a conversation with me and convinced me to come down and do one show.”

Recently we have seen AEW and NWA have a connection, with the NWA Women’s Championship being defended on several AEW shows. Murdoch spoke about the possibility of appearing on AEW at some point, and who he’d like to face on the show.

“I can definitely see myself doing that for a couple of shots. I would really like to work with FTR, whether it be tagging with them or tagging against them,” Murdoch said. “I think we can really create some amazing matches. I’ve actually contacted a couple of those guys. It’d be badass to have an old-school trio like the Freebird days. If that happens, it’d be awesome.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)


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