NWA Into The Fire Results


— With her tag team partner injured, Allysin Kay finds herself in need of a new partner for this tag team match. And it looks like… ODB is here! The Knockouts legend is in the building!

Allysin Kay & ODB vs. Marti Belle & Melina

Melina and Marti work over the champion as soon as the bell rings and isolate her in their corner, beating her down with quick tags. Melina delivers a half dozen forearm strikes before getting in the ref’s face, allowing Marti to use the distraction to choke Kay with the tag rope. The assault continues for a few minutes until Kay ducks a clothesline and makes the hot tag to ODB. Marti gets thrown into the corner  and lit up with a big splash, before ODB hits the ropes and gives her the Bronco Buster. Kay brawls with Melina to the floor as Marti eats the TKO.

Winners: Allysin Kay & ODB

NWA National Championship Match – Colt Cabana (c) vs. Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens

Stevens has no friends in this match, and gets clobbered by both opponents to start off the match. He ends up bailing from the ring as soon as he’s able, and hiding behind a Christmas tree near the commentary booth for several minutes, while Cabana and Starks went back-and-forth with some great counter-wrestling. Stevens does eventually come back, but gets clotheslined by both men, and they return to beating the hell out of him in the corner. Starks gives him a series of knife-edge chops, but Colt threw him from the ring and tried to steal the win, only scoring a two-count.

Question Mark came out and got on the apron, distracting the referee, allowing Stevens to hit the champion with a low blow. 1…2… Starks makes the save! Stevens goes to work on Starks with elbow drops, doing… what I think are bad karate forms in between moves, because he’s a martial arts master now, I guess. Cabana took an elbow strike from Question Mark out on the floor, thanks in part to another referee distraction.

The challengers go back and forth with rights and lefts. Starks gets a Slingblade, and the crowd begins to chant his name, willing him to slowly get back to his feet. Cabana is back and the two work together again, giving Stevens repeated Atomic Drops, one after another. They run a train of splashes on him in the corner, until Starks rocks Colt with a shotgun dropkick, catching him by surprise. He locks in a body stretch, but Cabana reverses into the Billy Goat’s Curse. Commentary reminds us that he’s won NWA gold with this very move, but Starks gets to the ropes to break it up.

Where the hell is Stevens? The camera finds him hiding underneath the Christmas tree’s skirt. Alright then. Starks catches the champion with a series of pinning combinations, but Cabana kicks out every time. Colt hits a few well-placed elbow strikes, but Starks uses the ropes to hit a Tornado DDT. 1…2…NO! He argues with the referee and Cabana catches him with the Superman Pin, but The Question Mark hit him with a throat spike from the outside. Aron Stevens emerges from under the Christmas tree, hits the ring and covers Cabana. 1…2…3.

Winner & New Champion: Aron Stevens


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