NWA Into The Fire Results


NWA World Heavyweight Championship Two Out of Three Falls Match – Nick Aldis (c) vs. James Storm

Just a reminder that senior official Brian Hebner is the referee for the first fall of the match, while Tim Storm will officiate the second fall. If a third and final fall is needed, a coin flip will determine which man does the honors.

Champion and challenger come face-to-face as we prepare to get this main event under way, but before they can lock up Kamille walks out and approaches the ring. Aldis yells at her to go to the back, saying that she has the night off and she shouldn’t be out there. He turns around into the Last Call Superkick from The Cowboy. 1…2…3.

Winner of the 1st Fall: James Storm

Storm doesn’t even let Aldis recover, as he immediately jumps on him with rights and lefts in the mat. The two fight to the outside and start brawling up and down the steps, through the fans. Storm throws the champion into the set, and into the podium before hitting a thudding vertical suplex on the concrete floor. Ouch! The referee begins to count and it looks like Storm is content to take the count-out, as commentary reminds us that event hough it’s a count-out, it would still count as a fall and thus the title will change hands. It doesn’t matter, as Aldis makes it back in at 9.

Storm jumps on him again and they fight back outside, but this time Aldis whipped the challenger into the Christmas tree, taking it down. A “Merry Christmas” chant from the Atlanta fans breaks out. They slowly get back to the ring and begin trading punches. Storm climbs to the second rope, but gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex on the way down. Aldis with a clothesline, but he goes to the well again and Storm ducks it, catching him with a kick to the midsection. He gets the champ up on his shoulders and starts spinning around… Eye of the Storm finds its mark. 1…2… Not enough.

The Cowboy is livid. He sulks outside and grabs a steel chair, but Tim Storm gets in his face and promises to disqualify him and cost Storm the fall. It might be a calculated risk worth taking at this point, however, as Aldis is barely moving. He does, however, allow the ref to take away the chair and agrees to play by the rules. He sets up for another Last Call, but Aldis ducks the kick and rolls him up with a small package. He gets it!

Winner of the 2nd Fall: Nick Aldis

Another official comes out and he’s tasked with flipping a coin. It’s heads, which means Brian Hebner is the referee. Aldis rushes the challenger and is not playing around, clearly finding his second win in the time he was given during the coinflip. He hits a Michinoku Driver, but it’s not enough. Storm hits him with a jawbreaker and the backstabber, but that’s not enough either. They go back to trading rights and lefts until Storm begins to climb to the top rope. Aldis crotches him and sets up for a superplex… and he gets it! 1…2…NO!

The champion slowly lifts up Storm and once again places him on the top rope. He wants another superplex, but this time Storm hits him with headbutts until he falls to the mat. He follows with a huge diving elbow right to the heart for another nearfall. Storm sets up for the Figure Four and gets in locked in. ALdis is unlikely to tap out here, but he’s so exhausted his shoulders can barely stay off the mat. He manages to dig down deep and reverse the pressure, Storm is forced to break the hold, but the damage has been done.

Both are slowly getting back up. Aldis lifts up Storm and actually connects with a Tombstone Piledriver. Alright then. He gingerly climbs the ropes and gets to his feet – elbow drop connects. Storm is down and the referee is checking on him, as he clutches at his neck. Aldis isn’t falling for that one, as he begins to chop the soul out of his opponent’s chest. He hits the ropes but Storm ducks a lariat and the referee goes down! Aldis is beside himself, but hits Storm with a DDT.

Tim Storm comes out to check on Hebner, who is knocked out cold. Aldis tells him to get in the ring, but turns around into a big right hand. Storm rolls him up and bridges into a great pin, for a 2.999 count. A second Last Call Superkick finds its mark, and Aldis collapses into the turnbuckles. O’Conner Roll from Storm looking for the pin, but Aldis kicks out and throws him into the corner. Oh my god, Aldis took off the turnbuckle pad without anyone noticing! Storm is knocked out cold! The champion locks in the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. Storm isn’t moving, so the (second) referee is forced to end the match.

Winner & Still Champion: Nick Aldis

— Stu Bennett is livid at that finish. Storm never tapped out, he was knocked out by a blatant removal of the turnbuckle, and the KO was recorded by an official who was not supposed to be in the ring at the time.

— Aldis slowly gets to his feet and celebrates with the title, as some in the crowd cheer him and some of them boo the blatant cheating. He gets on the mic and says “This is our ring. There are many others like it, but this one belongs to the NWA. This is where we wrestle, and cultivate our gifts. This is where men like me and James Storm find purpose in an otherwise crazy world. And this is how I tell the world just who I am.” He claims there is not a single man alive that can take the Ten Pounds of Gold from him. Well hold on…

— The lights in the arena go out. A familiar piano note sounds around the building. WOOP WOOP! THE VILLAIN MARTY SCURLL IS HERE! This crowd is losing their mind as Scurll makes his way down the steps and finally arrives at the ring, coming face-to-face with the world’s champion. Marty Scurll wants the Ten Pounds of Gold.

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