NWA Powerrr Results (12/17): No DQ Grudge Match Kicks Off Season 2


NWA Powerrr Results
December 17, 2019
Atlanta, GA

— Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to NWA Studios after a recap of last weekend’s awesome INTO THE FIRE pay-per-view, which of course culminated in the return of “The Villain” Marty Scurll.

— David Marquez welcomes NWA National Champion Aron Stevens, who gets booed out of the building, as well as The Question Mark, who everyone cheers for. Stevens reminds everyone not to look him in the eyes, and yells at the fans to shut up so he can get through this. He claims to be a “very dangerous man” and has earned a black belt in Mongrovian Karate in just three weeks. He claims to be at a different level than former champions like Ric Flair and Dick the Bruiser, so Stevens has put stripes on his title and calls himself the first ever Third Degree NWA National Champion, now going by the name Shooter Stevens.

— Colt Cabana interrupts the interview and wants to know why everyone is still talking. He refers to Stevens as a paper champion, claiming that at INTO THE FIRE it was a singles match between him and Ricky Starks, while Stevens hid behind a Christmas tree, and if it weren’t for Question Mark he’d be nothing.

— Thunder Rosa comes out and asks the crowd to stand, before introducing Melina, who is wearing a festive Santa hat. Ashley Vox runs down and attacks them, but is quickly outnumbered and overwhelmed. They threaten to break her arm, but Allysin Kay and ODB make the save!

— Stu Bennett announces a tournament to decide the new NWA Television Champion. Every match will have a 6:05 time limit, and if there is no winner in that time, both men will be eliminated.

Tournament Qualifier
Zicky Dice vs. CW Anderson vs. Sal Rinauro

Zicky yells “outlandish” at both guys, who then proceed to punch his face in. All three go back and forth with quick pin attempts. The action is fast and furious, as we are reminded that they only have a little over 6 minutes to win or it’s all over. CW throws big, clubbing blows at both opponents before hitting a Spinebuster on Rinauro. Dice took advantage, throwing CW from the ring. He hits Rinauro with Snake, Rattle & Roll (the Rude Awakening). It’s over.

Winner: Zicky Dice

— Zicky announces himself as “Outlandish” Zicky Dice. He cuts a nonsense promo about not needing luck to become the first NWA Television Champion. He’s chased off by The Dawsons. One of them claims there’s a conspiracy in the NWA. They did all of the Wild Card’s dirty work and were promised title shots when they won, but they couldn’t get the job done. The Wild Cards run out with steel chairs and chase them to the back.

— They roll Marty Scurll’s promo from after INTO THE FIRE. He says everyone has been asking what’s next for him, but he does whatever the hell he wants. Right now he wants to make some noise in the NWA, so that’s exactly what he is going to do. Scurll brings up his history with Nick Aldis and puts over Stu Bennett. He acknowledges that he lost at the Crockett Cup, but he put up the fight of his career and he knows, given one more shot, he can beat Aldis to finally become world champion – the thing that has escaped him his entire career. Any time, any place.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Zach Mosley & Sean Sims

Eddie Kingston is out on commentary. This one is over in a matter of seconds. The champs double teamed Mosley, then threw him into his partner. Double roll-up for a double three-count, for some reason.

Winners: Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

— The Dawsons are back out. He calls the Wild Cards cowards for coming out with steel chairs, and threaten to expose their truth. Wild Cards run out and they once again get into a brawl, but no chairs this time.

The Wild Cards vs. The Dawsons

Zane manages to take down Thomas Latimer with a big shoulder tackle and running splash, but gets taken to the floor by Royce, who crushes his hand with the ring steps multiple times. Wild Cards work him over for a bit with quick, alternating tags, basically double-teaming him. At one point Latimer was just literally biting his injured fingers. They dropped him with a Death Valley Driver combo while the referee was busy yelling at the other Dawson. He never even got to tag in.

Winner: The Wild Cards

— The Wild Cards are interviewed after their win and tell the NWA to take the Dawsons to the hospital. They call them liars, and also trash Santa Claus, calling him a liar as well. Jocephus comes out dressed as Santa and throws candy to all of the fans. Alright then…

— David Marquez is with Zicky Dice, who has qualified to compete in the NWA Television Championship tournament. The rest of the competitors will be Ricky Starks, Colt Cabana, Caleb Konley, Trevor Murdoch, Thomas Latimer, The Question Mark, Eddie Kingston, Tim Storm, Zane Dawson, Dave Dawson, and Nick Aldis.

— Wrestling legend Nikita Koloff is brought out and receives a tremendous reaction. He draws four names out of a bowl to determine next week’s first two tournament matches. It’ll be Ricky Starks vs. Eddie Kingston, and Colt Cabana vs. The Question Mark.

— Nick Aldis says he wants to become the first man to ever hold the Ten Pounds of Gold and the NWA Television Championship at the same time. He’s entering this tournament because he’s run out of challengers in the world title division. He then brings out Ricky Starks and puts him over as a tremendous talent, and someone he calls his first round draft pick. Aldis refuses to comment on Marty Scurll, saying that he’s sick and tired of carrying this place on his back for the last two years, only for people to come along looking for title matches now that the NWA is big and exciting again. He says that he needs more than just an insurance policy – he needs to assemble an entire team, which we will see role out over the next few weeks.

No Disqualification Match
Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake

This one starts hot and heavy, with Anderson delivering loud, thunderous chops while Drake fires back immediately with a running lariat and some heavy right hooks of his own. These two are really teeing off against one another. They brawl outside the ring and up into the crowd, Drake smashing his opponent’s head into the steps and into the guardrails multiple times. They fought all the way up into the balcony, where Anderson got sent head-first through a door to the outside area. Drake at one point smashed his face into the rails while using a fan’s phone to take a selfie.

Anderson fought his second win and slammed a door into his opponent’s face, sending him flying down the steps. He threw him into the ring steps, before grabbing a steel chair and throwing it into the ring. He teased a Mic Check into the chair, but Drake caught himself and sent him crashing through it with a drop toehold. The crowd came alive for Drake as he took the front mount, firing off with wild rights and lefts, one after another. Drake grabbed the steel chair, but decided against it and just hit the Gravy Train instead. 1…2…3.

Winner: Eli Drake

— Nick Aldis returned to ringside to confront Tim Storm, who was on commentary. He screams at him to keep the champ’s name out of his mouth, and the two start shoving each other. Storm gets in the ring and starts going nuts, throwing his suit coat down and challenging the champ to get in the ring. The two start shoving each other again, but Storm is attacked from behind by Latimer and Isaacs from The Wild Card. The two mug the old man while Aldis watches, until Kamille hits the ring and stops them. It’s all a trap, however, as she spears Tim Storm out of nowhere. Kamille makes out with Latimer and the group stands tall together, as officials come out to check on Storm.