NWA Powerrr Results | S02 E13 | “Who’s The Third Man, Brother?”


NWA Powerrr Results
Season 2, Episode 13
Atlanta, GA

— Tim Storm started the show and called it an honor to hold any championship sanctioned by the NWA, and that’s why he joined the TV title tournament. He talked about there being two mystery draws, so his opponent could end up being anyone, even someone from another company. The crowd started to trash Nick Aldis, calling him a “coward” playing politics, but Storm politely says that all may be the case, but he is still our world champion. Kamille came out but wouldn’t speak. Storm said the fans deserve to see the champion, and the man on all the posters, so Kamille slapped him in the face and walked off.

— Trevor Murdoch kept it short and sweet, saying the NWA brought the best wrestlers in the world together, but knows he can beat up every single one of them. Zane Dawson vs. Dave Dawson was announced as a first round TV title match. That means Murdoch vs. Thomas Latimer as well.

1) Zicky Dice def. Caleb Konley to qualify for the NWA Television Championship Tournament. A reminder that any match related to the TV title has a 6:05 time limit. Dice played chicken s**t heel who kept bailing to the outside, wasting time they didn’t have. Konley finally got him in the ring and dominated the action with lots of high-flying, including a diving senton and headscissors DDT. After a big boot and powerslam he went to the top rope, but Dice rolled out of the way and hit Snake, Rattle & Roll to score the pin.

— NWA National Champion Aron “Shooter” Stevens was interviewed, and claimed that he brought his mentor and trainer The Question Mark to the United States, fed him and clothed him. Apparently he is a tenth degree black belt in Mongrovian Karate, and Stevens claims QM will be the next TV champion, before the two of them become NWA tag team champions. They want all the gold.

2) Thunder Rosa def. ODB. NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay was on commentary throughout this match, and had a lot of trash to talk about Thunder Rosa. ODB threw some heavy knee lifts and big forearm shots early on, before taking things to the corner and raining down with loud chops. Rosa gave them right back and it turned into a slugfest and a wild brawl around the ring. ODB missed a splash in the corner and got taken down with a big dropkick. Rosa tried to slow things down with a side headlock, but it once again turned into a slugfest. She missed a spin kick but connected with a backstabber, then came off the top with a double stomp to the back. 1…2…3.

— NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis came out and the crowd chanted “coward” and booed him relentlessly. He talked about Kamille transitioning from his insurance policy, to a full member of Strictly Business, his new group. Aldis called Tim Storm a relic in his rearview mirror, just like the “carnie” Ricky Morton trying to make a buck off of his hard work. He called himself the Oprah of professional wrestling, and promised to make Ricky Starks just like he’s made everyone else in the NWA, and he’ll do it less than 6:05.

3) Nick Aldis vs. Ricky Starks ended in a time-limit draw. The champ may have been a bit too cocky, as Starks surprised him with some close pinning combinations early on, and actually took him down with a series of running dropkicks. About two minutes in Aldis put an end to the momentum with a shoulder tackle and a long, long stalling vertical suplex. He slowed things down with a headlock, taking a break every so often to deliver a powerslam or a fallaway slam. Starks eventually shot back with wild rights and lefts, hit the slingblade and sent Aldis to the floor to set up a suicide dive. He went to the top rope to put things away, but the champ rolled to safety and applied the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf at the 60 second mark. Starks refused to give up no matter how Aldis reapplied the pressure, until eventually the bell rang. Aldis assumed he had the match won and began to celebrate, until the decision of a time-limit draw was announced.

— Ricky Morton came out and praised the match, asking Nick Aldis to give Starks another five minutes to have the match of his life. Aldis refused and said the NWA is not a charity, it’s a business and he’s already competed his contractual obligations for the evening. The crowd chants “you’re a coward!” until he leaves.

4) Eli Drake & James Storm def. Colt Cabana & Ken Anderson via disqualification. This was supposed to be a triple threat tag team match, but the Wild Cards refused to show up. Apparently Nick Aldis pulled them from the match out of spite. Eli Drake started things off against Cabana in a good, fast-paced exchange. Storm tried to keep things going but got worked over by both opponents, who kept him isolated in their corner with quick tags. Possibly a bit of miscommunication as Cabana had to warn his partner to back off at one point, and not get them DQ’d. Drake eventually got the hot tag but didn’t fair much better, until taking down Colt with a second rope missile dropkick. Anderson got a nearfall and got frustrated with the referee, shoving him a bit. The referee immediately threw out the match, despite him barely being touched.

— Cabana was understandably upset after the match, yelling at Ken Anderson saying “you’re better than that”. Things got tense, but nobody took any shots and they ended up leaving together.

— Strictly Business came back out to close the show. Nick Aldis claimed he’s had a change of heart, and invited the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express back out to the stage. He said he’s not sure how or why things escalated to this point, but it’s probably not going to be solved without a little physicality. He offered RnR Express a match against the Wild Cards, and if they win then Ricky Morton can have a future NWA world title shot. Morton said in his day the champion went 60 minutes every single night, while Aldis can’t even give 5 more minutes to a young kid. Instead he wants a six-man tag team match. Aldis agreed on the condition that neither of them would be involved, so that Morton has no excuses when he loses to the greatest champion of the modern era. Their third man will instead be… Scott Steiner!