WWE NXT Results (2/13): Ricochet & Adam Cole Battle To See Who’s Next In Line, Dijakovic In Action, More


This week’s show kicked off with a wrestling match, as one of NXT’s most impressive talents stepped into the ring to once again prove his dominance.


Dijakovic came out dominant as always but he was met with a stiff challenge from Thorne, who gave the big man all he could handle. Thorne took the fight to Dijakovic and controlled the tempo for the bulk of the match. Dominik did fight back and regain the upper hand, executing one power move after another on Thorne.

But the fans exploded when Dijakovic leapt onto the top rope and flew off with a spinning elbow onto Thorne down onto the floor. The crowd began chanting “feast your eyes,” which is precisely the move that Dominik hit to win the match.


A vignette featuring The Undisputed Era was up next and the group takes about hitting speed bumps over the past several weeks. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly promise to regain the NXT Tag Team Championships, while Roderick Strong and Adam Cole both believe they will hold singles gold in 2019. Cole said that Ricochet was in over his head and he would find out later on.

A flashback to last week took place, featuring Lo Shirai pinning Shayna Baszler in their tag team match. She and Kairi Sane were interrupted by their partner Bianca Belair, who wants another shot at Baszler.

The action then cut back to the ring but before the next match happened Kassius Ohno hit the ramp and insulted the crowd. He said he’s out of here and that he’s going somewhere else. But before he could leave, Keith Lee suddenly took him down.

Lee then took the mic and told Ohno not to let the door hit him in the a** on the way out.


The match kicked off with Montez Ford and Carrillo, who each threw one dynamic move after another. The crowd was fully into this one and Carrillo offered his hand to Ford, who promptly took it. But Montez then kicked Humberto in the gut and tagged out to Angelo Dawkins.

The Street Profits continued to tag in and out as Carrillo showed his athleticism in the ring. Ervin eventually tagged in and immediately began taking the heat in the match. Dawkins and Ford controlled the pace and kept Ervin grounded.

A bit of a scary moment happened when Ford hit a high angle back suplex on Ervin, who landed on his head. The referee checked on him and the match kept going, though Ervin tagged out very quickly. Carrillo came out swinging and kept The Street Profits busy as the match began to hit its crescendo.

Ervin came back in and hit a very impressive Tsunamisault, but did not get the win. He finally met his end wen Dawkins grabbed him in an Electric Chair as Ford came off the top with a super Blockbuster for the win.


The Street Profits cut a promo after the match and said they’re ready to go to war. They want the tag team belts and their statement was answered by The European Union. The four were then interrupted by Oney Lorcan and Danny Birch.

But The War Raiders came out next looking for a fight. However The Undisputed Era clipped Hanson and Rowe from behind as all of the teams involved began brawling in the ring. But in the end, it was The War Raiders that stood tall.

A flashback to Johnny Gargano’s North American title win over Ricochet was shown next. A match between him and The Velveteen Dream was then advertised for next week’s show.


Conti was out first, followed by Aliyah. Conti was on fire in the beginning but Aliyah soon took over. The match was evenly paced throughout and the crowd was relatively quiet. But Conti had some high spots that eventually sparked some life from the audience

But Vanessa Borne, who was at ringside, interfered and gave Aliyah the opportunity to cinch in the Kimura and get the win.


Before Aliyah and Borne could celebrate, Shayna Baszler came down to the ring, followed by Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. The trio laid out Aliyah, Borne and Conti. Baszler then grabbed the mic and warned everyone not get in their way.

A Velveteen Dream video package was shown next, which included footage from the Worlds Collide Tournament. Dream’s challenge to Gargano was also featured, leading to a reminder of their match next week. That lead us to the main event.


Ricochet came out with a flash and immediately set the tone for the match. But Cole soon took over, attacking Ricochet’s left leg. Ricochet was grounded from that moment on and suddenly his reliance on high-flying moves was exposed.

Ricochet attempted to fight back but just could not string together any sort of meaningful offense. Finally, he managed to get going. He climbed the to the top rope and hit a diving forearm, then a standing Moonsault. But he did not get the pin on Cole, who would not go away that easily.

Cole once again took over and kept Ricochet down on the mat. But Ricochet would not give up. He kept fighting and eventually hit a Reverse-Rana. Ricochet wanted to climb the ropes but his knee wouldn’t allow it at first. But finally he managed to propel himself over onto Cole. However the move did not get the three count.

Ric and Cole began trading shots in the ring and Adam hit a Superkick, which was not enough to put Ricochet down. Cole was in firm control  of the mach and kept Ric off of his feet, until Ricochet began to string together some serious offense.

Ric hit a Frankensteiner off the top rope, which eventually lead to a Vertigo in the center of the ring.


The rest of The Undisputed Era came out to beat down Ricochet. Aleister Black came out to make the save but was immediately taken down. The show ended with The Undisputed Era standing tall in the middle of the ring.