WWE NXT Results (2/27): Bayley & Banks Return Home, ‘Johnny Failure’ Strikes A Deal With The Devil & More


Johnny Gargano kicked off this week’s show. He cut a promo in the middle of the ring and bragged about his recent debut on WWE’s main roster. He also spoke about his recent North American Championship loss to The Velveteen Dream.

The crowd chanted “Johnny Failure” and this bright out Tommaso Ciampa. The NXT champ told Gargano that when they work together as DIY, they win. But because Gargano chose to go it alone against The Dream, he lost. Ciampa then said that they need each other and that their pairing is destiny.

Ciampa said that Gargano doesn’t’ have a title but it doesn’t have to be that way. He suggested that he and Gargano enter the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic together. Ciampa reminded everyone that the. winners of that tourney get an NXT Tag Team title shot at Takeover: New York during WrestleMania 35 weekend.

Tommaso then offered his hand to Johnny Wrestling and Gargano accepted it as the crowd chanted “yes.”

Ricochet was interviewed backstage, where he talked about unfinished business with The Undisputed Era. Ric said that with Aleister Black by his side, he was more than comfortable taking on The UE. He then said that he was planning on asking William Regal to make a spot for himself and Black in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Mia Yim was seen backstage getting ready for her upcoming main event match against NXT Women’s champion Shayna Baszler.

Ciampa and Gargano were confronted outside by Johnny’s wife Candice LeRae, who said she hopes that her husband knows what he’s doing. Johnny said that he knows what he’s doing.


Conti and Borne started off the match, with Conti showing off her judo skills. Taynara used the ring to her advantage against Borne and even took Aliyah out in the process. But it wasn’t long until Borne took control of the match.

Aliyah tagged in to a nice heel pop from the Full Sail crowd, as she continued to maintain momentum for her team. Conti finally made the tag to Li, who came in with a flurry of offense. Xia took to the air but was soon grounded. Borne cinched up Li on the mat and Aliyah did a spinning hair flip, in an awkward move that didn’t look exactly look smooth.


The Velveteen Dream was shown outside, where he was confronted by The Undisputed Era. Adam Cole said that he was going to win the North American Championship from the Dream and that the interviewer should be talking to them. The Dream said that Cole had a big mouth for such a little man. The Dream wanted to know how brave Cole would be without his entourage. Dream said he didn’t have time for them and then walked away.

Bianca Belair and Io Shirai were arguing backstage but were eventually broken up.


Dijakovic was out first, followed by Lee. The match started off at an even pace, with each man feeling out the other. But then things picked up as Lee showed some agility and Dominik followed suit as well. Both men hit one athletic move after another and both men kept landing on their feet.

The crowd was red hot for this one as each man began testing his strength in the match. DD finally took control of the match but Lee soon fired up and refused to go down. Dijakovic kept up the pressure but Lee continued to fight back.

Lee hit a huge Pounce on Dominik, but DD followed up with another series of attacks. Dominik hit a sit-down cokeslay on Lee, but was then taken off his feet as well. The advantage kept switching back and forth as the crowd cheered them on. The fight soon went outside the ring, where DD hit an amazing Asai Moonsault on Lee onto the ramp.

That move left both men tired and worn down, unable to answer the referee’s 10 count.


Dijakovic and Lee wanted to keep going but the referees told them no. Dominik told Lee he would see him later.

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was then previewed, followed by a Twitter announcement from Willam Regal. Regal said that Belair and Shirai will fight it out in two weeks to determine Baszler’s next contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Sasha Banks and Bayley made a surprise appearance as the crowd went wild. The newly crowned WWE Women’s Tag Team champions stood in the ring and the crowd chanted “welcome back!” Banks said that it felt good to be home and that it they didn’t forget where they came from.

The crowd chanted “you deserve it” and Bayley reminded them of the historic NXT match they had against each other. Bayley said that she wants their tag belts to be the most talked about in the company. The duo then said they may just defend their titles in NXT.


Yim was out first, followed by Baszler. Yim came out strong and took the fight to Shayna. Mia held nothing back and even went after Baszler’s right hand outside the ring. But Shayna soon went on the offensive, attacking Mia’s right leg.

Baszler showed no mercy as she went after Yim in the ring. Mia tried to fight back but Shayna kept going after her injured leg. Yim hit a huge Tornado DDT but she was unable to follow up. Mia showed a tremendous amount of defiance against Baszler, screaming at her as she continued to fight.

But Baszler hit a big kick and clamped Yim in the Kirifuda Clutch, forcing Mia to tap out.