NXT Results (6/19): Undisputed Era in Action, Damian Priest Debuts, New Tournament Announced, More


NXT is back at Full Sail University for the June 19 edition and this week’s show kicked off with the brand’s top faction, The Undisputed Era!

The Undisputed Era came out and newly crowned NXT champion Adam Cole gloated in front of the Full Sail crowd. Cole said that he told everyone the group would indeed triumph in 2019 and that NXT would be remade in The Undisputed Era’s image.

Cole cued a video on the Titantron, which featured himself, Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly in the opening intro of the program. Cole said that they run the show and that every title is coming their way. This brought out The Velveteen Dream, who said that he was the reason for NXT’s success.

Dream also said that he wanted Cole’s NXT Championship. But Strong said that Dream doesn’t deserve the North American Championship. This brought out Matt Riddle, who confronted The Undisputed Era. Riddle reminded them that he beat both Roddy and Adam, but Tyler Breeze soon came out to tell the world that Cole and company were taking credit for a brand that he built long before they got to NXT.

Breeze then announced that NXT General Manager agreed to a main event match between any three of The Undisputed Era versus himself, Dream and Riddle.

A steel cage match for the NXT Women’s Championship between Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai was announced for the June 26 edition of NXT. This was followed by a video package spotlighting the feud between the two stars.


The man formerly known as Punishment Martinez finally debuted under his new name, Damian Priest. Priest had a good intro and was hyped by Nigel McGuinness as a “rockstar.”

Priest came out hard on Mendoza and maintained control during the first part of the match. Raul made a comeback, including an acrobatic top rope walk against Priest. But Damian regained control, hit a whirlwind kick, followed by a twisting cutter, to get the pin.


A video of William Regal was shown, in which he announced a single elimination tournament, called The NXT Breakout Tournament. The event will begin on the June 26 edition of NXT and the winner will receive a shot at a brand championship of his choice.

The following eight Superstars will compete in the tournament: Jordan Myles, Boa, Cameron Grimes, Isaiah Scott, Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed, Angel Garza and Joaquin Wilde.

A video package of Mia Yim was shown next, in which she talked about her childhood growing up in Southern California. She also talked about her journey to NXT, as well as her desire to become the women’s champion.


Li came out strong and kept Conti on the defensive in the opening moments of the match. Taynara did not have an answer for her opponent early on, but eventually gained some offense. Taynara went for a couple of quick pins but neither one got her the win and she became visibly frustrated.

Conti continued on the attack, keeping Li on her back. the crowd began cheering for Xia, who had to fight her way out of a stretch on the mat. Li got back to her feet and eventually took over again, hitting a flurry of offense until she nailed Taynara with a back-kick to the head for the win.


A video of the Street Profits was shown next and the duo announced they will face The Forgotten Sons on next week’s edition of NXT.

A first round tournament match between Joaquin Wilde and Angel Garza was also announced for June 26.


The issues between the members of Riddle’s team was put over on commentary from the start of this match as Matt soon found himself trapped in the wrong corner of the ring. But Riddle fought his way out against Strong and took over, which eventually led to a tag from The Dream.

Dream went on the charge and went for a double axhandle off the top but was cut off. Fish then took over on Dream, who tagged out to Breeze. Tyler then went move for move with Cole in the middle of the ring, but Riddle soon tagged back in.

The Undisputed Era took over however and kept Riddle away from his teammates. Cole in particular hit some impressive offense against The Original Bro and Fish soon came back in to maintain momentum for The Undisputed Era.

Riddle finally tagged out to Breeze, who came in with some rapid fire attacks. But before he could take flight to the outside, Dream tagged himself in and the lack of cooperation between him and Tyler was apparent. The Undisputed Era took advantage of this, with Strong hitting a high angle backstabber for the win.