NXT Stars Comment On Impending WWE Call-Ups


Last night it was announced that various different WWE NXT Stars will be getting called up to the main roster in the coming weeks.

Whilst Lars Sullivan’s main roster arrival has been known for several weeks it was announced that Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, Heavy Machinery, and EC3 will all also be making the move to either WWE Raw or WWE SmackDown Live, and the NXT talents commented on their upcoming move during the night.

The Top 1% kept things pretty simple, stating that he is giving the people what they want, using the hashtag of #Raw, whilst also replying to a tweet by Matt Hardy, stating that everything they have done they will do over and over again.

Former SAnitY member, Nikki Cross was busy teasing which show she will go to, asking where will she go, blue or red?  Fellow women’s division member, Lacey Evans claimed that she is coming and bringing the class with her.

Finally, Heavy Machinery were both also commenting on the upcoming move with Otis Dozovic stating that they’re coming whilst Tucker Knight stated that the goal for them has always been to move to the main roster, adding that they are hungry and coming to eat.

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