NXT Takeover Brooklyn IV Review: The Undisputed Era Comes Full Circle

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Velveteen Dream vs. EC3 

Dream’s air-brushed tights continue to be one of the small highlights of these Takeover shows, with “Call Me Up Vince” being emblazoned on his rear. Between splashing water on EC3’s face and the DDT delivered on the steel ramp, Dream continues to show that he is one of the best showmen on television today.

This was by no means a bad match, but these two had an impossible feat of following an absolute banger of a tag match. But in the end, Dream was able to deliver a few well-placed elbow drops and “Dream-Valley Drivers,” including one on the ring apron, to get the win.

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After losing his other two high-profile Takeover matches with Aleister Black and Ricochet, it was nice to see Dream get a big win over a popular up-start like EC3. Hopefully Vince was paying attention and we will see big things for the Purple Rainmaker later on in 2018. 

Winner: Velveteen Dream     Time: 15:03     Rating: 3.5 Stars

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