NXT TakeOver Philadelphia Results (1/27/18): NXT Championship Classic, Huge Return, Baszler Takes Out Moon


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NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia Results
January 27th, 2018
Results by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

NXT Preshow consisted of the NXT Year End Awards, which you can view the full results here.


We get an amazing opening video package, narrated by Paul Heyman. Heyman is big in Philadelphia with ECW, which makes sense. He says the icons of tomorrow will sacrifice on the canvas tonight. The package is highlighted by Ember Moon vs. Shayna Baszler, Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black, Kassius Ohno vs. Velveteen Dream, and Johnny Gargano vs. NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas. Heyman says that tonight will be surrounded by honor and courage, and will go to the extreme.


Before the match starts, AOP starts fast and hammers down on the Undisputed Era. O’Reilly & Fish escape the fury out of the ring. Fish gets back in the ring and the bell rings, and Fish and Rezar are about to go at it, but Fish tries getting away in his own corner. O’Reilly tags himself in and is using his speed and locks in a quick triangle, but Rezar powers out and O’Reilly escapes out of the ring before Rezar can inflict more pain.

Fish goes to the outside to check on O’Reilly and AOP runs right over Fish & O’Reilly, knocking each one to the hard mat on the outside. O’Reilly gets thrown back to the inside while Akam picks up Fish in a wheel barrow action and drops Fish face first on the barricade.

Back in the ring, AOP tries for some tandem offense and Akam jumps off the top rope onto O’Reilly but lands awkwardly on his left leg. Akam delivers an Irish whip to O’Reilly, O’Reilly reverses sending Akam to the apron. Akam tries to get back in, but Fish sweeps the left leg of Akam, who starts to grab his left leg in ultimate pain. Fish gets back in the ring and starts to hit lefts and rights on Akam. O’Reilly is tagged in and he hits a chop block on Akam, and Akam is down. O’Reilly quickly locks in a leg lock, right in the middle of the ring, and Akam slowly makes his way to the bottom rope, but Bobby Fish  hits a springboard leg drop on Akam. Fish gets tagged back in and starts to hit multiple kicks right to the left leg of Akam, further weakening him. Finally, Akam takes down Fish and tags in Rezar, who comes in on FIRE and takes down both Fish & O’Reilly. Fish tries to hit a cross body on Rezar but is caught and similarly, O’Reilly locks on a sleeper. Unfortunately for the Undisputed Era, Rezar was too strong and fell back on O’Reilly while delivering a big fall away slam Fish.

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O’Reilly starts to hit Rezar with kicks but Rezar finally catches one of them and hits a big exploder suplex and followed it up with a powerbomb right into the corner. Akam & Rezar pick up Fish & O’Reilly for the Super Collider. Rezar slams Fish down, but O’Reilly is able to counter with a hurricanrana which sends Akam into Rezar, knocking Rezar out of the ring. In the confusion, O’Reilly is able to roll up Akam and hooks the previously injured leg to pick up the victory!

Winners and Still NXT Tag Team Champions: The Undisputed Era

After the match, Fish & O’Reilly are exhausted and on the mat, while AOP are upset about the outcome.

The crowd is shown, and we see War Machine sitting ringside for the show.


Velveteen Dream makes his way to the ring, and he is wearing boxing trunks with the words “Dream Over” on them. Helpers are waiting near the ring and give him a mouth guard and he waits in the ring for Kassius. The crowd starts to count to 30 as the promised to knock out Ohno within 30 seconds. At the 24 second mark, Dream hits Ohno with a big right hand which rocks Ohno and sends him crashing to the mat. Velveteen starts to cheer and dance but Ohno gets up and hits a HUGE forearm to the face of Dream which sends him out of the ring.

Dream gets back in the ring and Ohno comes at Dream but Dream is able to counter with a big spinebuster to Ohno. Ohno uses the ropes to get up, but Dream envelops him and starts to use the ropes against Ohno, scraping his face against the ropes. Ohno gets back up and Dream hits strike after strike, knocking Ohno to the corner .

Ohno starts to crawl back up, but Dream kicks Ohno in the face and Ohno keeps getting up. Another kick to the face, and Ohno keeps getting up. Finally, Dream climbs to the top rope and hits Ohno with an axe handle, finally flooring Ohno. Dream locks in a camel clutch, but Ohno finally gets up and puts Dream on his shoulders and then hits a Samoan Drop on Dream, and both men are down on the mat.

The referee starts the ten count and gets to 7 before both men get up and we are starting to get in a classic Ohno match, hitting Dream with forearm after forearm and then follows it up with a spinning kick right to the face of Dream. Dream gets up and tries for a kick of his own, but it’s blocked by Ohno, but Dream turns around and hits another superkick. Ohno tries to come back, but Velveteen Dream catches Ohno in a Death Valley Driver, setting him up perfectly for the Purple Rain Maker, able to keep him down for the three count.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

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