NXT TakeOver Philadelphia Results (1/27/18): NXT Championship Classic, Huge Return, Baszler Takes Out Moon



This match starts fast and both men exchange forearms and Cole decides to exit the ring and get a chair. Black sits in the ring, inviting him back in the ring. Cole comes in and swings at the face of Black, but Black dodges, gets up and hits Cole with a big kick, knocking the chair out of his hand and Cole out of the ring.

Cole gets back in the ring and Black decides he doesn’t need the chair and kicks it out of the ring. Cole decides to leave the ring again and Black leaves as well and both men come back in the ring with Kendo Sticks. Black decides to throw away the kendo stick, challenging Cole to come at him. Cole calls Black a stupid, stupid man and starts to swing at Black, but Black dodges multiple times, and then runs towards the ropes and goes for a springboard moonsault off the middle rope, but is caught in the midsection by Adam Cole who swings his kendo stick like a baseball bat! WOW!

Aleister Black is in clear pain and Cole takes advantage and puts Black in a camel clutch, but using the kendo stick to wrench back on Black, positioned carefully in Black’s mouth. The crowd starts to chant for tables and Adam Cole says “YOU’RE GOING TO GET IT!” and goes out of the ring and sets up a table. He gets back in the ring and Black is able to hit a vicious knee on Cole, knocking him to the mat.

Black decides to go out of the ring himself and grab another table and sets it up next to the other one, just outside of the ring next to the ring post. Black also decides to get a ladder, and sets it up in the corner of the ring, and proceeds to drop Cole right on his back on the ladder. Cole is rolling around in extreme pain!

Black gets on the top rope and goes to try something on Cole, but Cole is able to toss a chair at Black. Black catches it but Adam Cole hits a great superkick  to the chair which goes right into the face of Black, sending Black off the top rope and right onto the tables! If you aren’t watching this match, this is already a match of the year contender in my opinion.

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Back in the ring, Cole sets up two chairs, first in “table” form, but then turns them back to back. Black gets in the ring and Cole tries to put Black on them, but is reversed and Black hits a death valley driver onto the edges of the chairs! Cole lands back first and I don’t know how Adam Cole is alive. Aleister Black goes for the cover but The Undisputed Era comes out to save Cole and pull Black out of the ring. O’Reilly & Fish hit their version of Total Elimination, knocking Black completely out!

O’Reilly & Fish drag Black to the announce table, clearing it out and have evil intentions in mind. Suddenly out of nowhere, SAnitY come and attack The Undisputed Era, making a statement for what should be theirs. The attack continues and Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Fish, and O’Reilly fight around the ring while Killian Dain stands in the ring, watching. Finally, Dain makes his move and hits a suicide dive on all four men, taking them down.

Meanwhile, Adam Cole goes to take advantage of a downed Aleister Black, and tries to suplex him through the announce table, but Black counters, knocking Cole off the barricade where they were both standing. Black is dazed, and standing against the table, and Black decides to just STOMP COLE THROUGH THE TABLE!

Black throws Cole back in the ring, and Cole recovers enough to try to pick up a chair to hit Black, but Black counters and hit the Black Mass to pick up the victory!

Winner: Aleister Black

Wow. Just wow.

After the match, we see EC3 in the crowd in front row. So there’s that.

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