NXT TakeOver Philadelphia Results (1/27/18): NXT Championship Classic, Huge Return, Baszler Takes Out Moon



Almas comes out with mariachis and complete in Mexican garb, including a lucha mask. Both men start by circling the ring and finally we see some chain wrestling to start and both men seem evenly matched. Almas has two victories on Johnny Gargano, and we see some more chain wrestling, and neither man can gain the advantage on the other.

Both men start to circle the ring again, sizing each other up, trying to figure out how to one up each other. Finally Gargano locks in an arm bar and works Almas down into an armbar on the mat. Almas gets back up and hits Gargano, with a HUGE chop, flooring Gargano. Both men work their way to the apron and Gargano knocks Almas to the ground. Gargano goes for his splash on Almas, but Almas side steps and Gargano bounces of the mat on the outside with a sick thud, right in front of his wife, Candace LaRae.

Almas sets up Gargano in the corner in the tree of woe, going for a double stomp,  but thankfully Gargano moves out of the way and counters, able to hit a belly to belly, sending Almas into the corner. Both men continue back and forth, and Almas knocks Gargano momentarily, and hurries to the top rope to hit a moonsault but Gargano moves out of the way. Almas lands on his feet and hits a standing moonsault on Gargano instead, and goes for a pin, but Gargano kicks out at two!

Both men get on their feet, and Gargano hits a superkick to the face of Almas. He hurries to the apron to hit his slingshot spear, but Almas catches him in DDT position, dropping him on his knee first and then headfirst onto the mat. Almas gets on the apron but is caught by a kick by Gargano, who quickly surveys the situation and jumps over the rope and hits a DDT onto the apron. Wow.

Both men get back in the ring, and Gargano gets on the top rope to hit Almas again, but Almas is able to knock Gargano off, and Gargano is now hanging on the side of the ring, tree of woe position on the outside. Almas hurries to the top rope and delivers a crazy stomp on a hanging Gargano onto the apron.

I don’t know what match is better, the last or this one, but this one is INCREDIBLE.

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Almas brings Gargano back in the ring and locks Gargano’s arm behind him, and hits his DDT. 1, 2…GARGANO KICKS OUT!  Almas gets on the top rope but Gargano recovers and is able to hit Almas , knocking him partly down with his head near the turnbuckle, and then Gargano hits another superkick to the head of Almas against the turnbuckle. Almas is down in the middle of the ring and Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape, and Almas is writhing in pain! Almas tries to roll through but Gargano maintains the hold, and can’t get out. Zelina Vega gets on the apron and distracts the referee, long enough for Almas to rake the eyes of Gargano. Almas tosses Gargano out of the ring and distracts the referee, and this time hits a hurricanrana to Gargano, sending Gargano right into the ring steps. This prompts Candace LaRae to hop the barricades and attack Vega. Both women are going at it and LaRae tosses Vega right into the barricades. Vega escapes through the crowd and LaRae gives chase.

Back in the ring, Almas tries to hit another DDT, but Gargano rolls through and locks in another Gargano Escape. Almas looks like he is about to tap but somehow gets his leg onto the bottom rope. Gargano brings Almas to the apron again, but Almas is able to take advantage and knocks Gargano down to the apron near the ring post, seated. Almas gets the opportunity to run across the apron and hit double knees to the head of Gargano against the ring post. Almas puts Gargano on the top rope, and hits his hammerlock DDT from the top rope to get the victory.

Winner and StILL NXT Champion: Andrade “Cien” Almas

After the match, Vega comes back to the ring and celebrates with Almas before heading to the back. The crowd gives Gargano a standing ovation. Candace LaRae helps her husband to the back and the couple pose on the top of the ramp.

OUT OF NOWHERE, TOMASSAO CIAMPA COMES OUT AND HITS GARGANO WITH A CRUTCH! Ciampa nearly breaks the crutch on the back of Gargano, sending Gargano down and Candace takes care of her man. Ciampa stares on in a euphoric state, as Gargano is on the ground in pain. Ciampa, still in a knee brace, limps to the back, leaving Gargano and LaRae on the top of the ramp to end the show!

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