NXT Takeover: Portland Results – 4 Title Matches, Finn Balor vs Tommaso Ciampa, Women’s Street Fight & More


NXT Takeover: Portland
February 16, 2020
Portland, Oregon

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The show begins with a live performance from Jushin “Poppy” Liger, aka Poppy with big Jushin Thunder Liger shoulders on her outfit.

First Match: WWE NXT North American Championship Match: Keith Lee (c) vs. Dominick Dijakovic

They stare each other down to start. They lock up. They trade holds. Dijakovic locks in a headlock. Dijakovic dodges a Pounce. Lee blocks a Discus Big Boot. Lee fights through a lariat and hits a Hurricanrana. Dijakovic is shocked.

Dijakovic blocks Mongolian Chops. They trade shoulder tackles. Lee manipulates Dijakovic’s arm and lifts him by the shoulder. Dijakovic chops the chest. Leapfrog spot and Dijakovic hits a Discus Big Boot. Lee retreats from the ring. Lee blocks a Space Flying Tiger Drop with a powerbomb, but Dijakovic jumps out of it. They brawl at ringside. Dijakovic hits a huge suplex on Lee. Dijakovic rolls him back in the ring and stomps away at him.

Dijakovic hits a series of forearm blows. Both men trade blows. Lee fights back and sends Dijakovic to his knees. Dijakovic fights out of Big Bang Catastrophe. Dijakovic sends Lee to the canvas with a Big Boot. Dijakovic heads to the top rope. Dijakovic hits a Corkscrew Moonsault for a nearfall.

They trade chops and forearms. They trade lariats. Both men collapse to their knees. Lee blocks a back elbow. Dijakovic blocks a Mongolian Chop. Dijakovic hits a huge lariat. Lee retreats to the apron.

Lee climbs to the top rope, but Dijakovic meets him and slams Lee’s head into the turnbuckle. Dijakovic hits an Avalanche Death Valley Driver for a nearfall.

Dijakovic hits a series of elbows, backing Lee into the corner. Lee pounces Dijakovic across the ring, into the opposite turnbuckle. Dijakovic retreats from the ring, Lee gives chase. Lee quiets the crowd and chops Dijakovic on the barricade. Lee chops Dijakovic, as Dijakovic breaks the referee’s count. Both men return to brawling at ringside. Dijakovic sits Lee in one of the announcer’s chairs and hits a huge superkick. Dijakovic then hits a springboard cannonball to the floor.

Back in the ring, Dijakovic fights out of Big Bang Catastrophe and hits a Superkick. Lee fights out of a Chokeslam. Dijakovic and Lee trade chokeslams. Lee hits Spirit Bomb. Dijakovic pops to his feet. Lee rolls up Dijakovic and hits a Deadlift Spirit Bomb for a nearfall.

Lee takes Dijakovic to the corner. Lee climbs to the top rope. Dijakovic shoves Lee to the floor. Lee fights back to the apron. Lee climbs to the top rope again. Dijakovic hits a big boot. Dijakovic joins Lee on the top rope. Dijakovic hits an Avalanche Spanish Fly for a nearfall. Dijakovic can’t get Lee up for Feast Your Eyes. Lee hits Big Bang Catastrophe for the pinfall in 20:19.


Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa, and Biance Belair are both shown preparing for their title matches. A video package hypes up Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai.


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