NXT Takeover: Portland Results – 4 Title Matches, Finn Balor vs Tommaso Ciampa, Women’s Street Fight & More


Second Match: Street Fight: Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai

Kai attacks Nox during her entrance and throws her around. They fight through the crowd. Nox spears Kai through a barricade. Now at ringside, Kai counters a Samoan Drop with a DDT onto the fallen barricade.

Kai rolls Nox into the ring, and the bell rings. Kai covers for a nearfall. Kai leaves the ring and grabs a bunch of chairs. Back outside the ring, Kai attacks Nox with a Cricket Bat, but Nox counters. Nox puts a trash can on Kai’s head and hits a huge boot. Nox rolls Kai back in the ring for a nearfall.

Nox gets out of the ring and sets up a table. Kai counters a suplex to the outside. Kai dominates Nox. Kai sends Nox to the apron. Nox dodges a Yakuza Kick and hits a series of Superkicks to a hung up Kai. Nox wails on Kai with a trash can. Nox hits a German Suplex into the trash can for a nearfall. Kai fights back and hits a Back Cracker for a nearfall. Nox dodges an dive attack. Kai counters a chokeslam. Kai sends Nox to the outside. Nox counters an apron run kick with a slam on the apron. Nox rolls Kai back in the ring and climbs the top rope.

Kai hits a big boot and joins Nox on the top rope. They trade blows on the top rope. Nox hits a Chokeslam to the floor. Nox hits a Molly Go Round for a nearfall. Kai counters a chair-assisted Curb Stomp with a Superkick. They fight to the outside.

Dakota Kai tapes Tegan Nox’s wrist to the ringpost. Kai hits a bicycle kick to the face. Kai hits a second, breaking the tape, and sending Nox to the floor. Dakota Kai grabs a laptop, but Nox fights back. Nox hits Kai in the injured knee with the laptop. Nox goes under the ring and grabs a chain.

Back in the ring, Nox trips Kai with the chain. Nox attacks the injured leg, tearing at Kai’s brace. Nox wraps a chair around Kai’s knee and crushes Kai’s knee. Nox hits a Shiniest Wizard. Nox grabs the table and slides it into the ring.

Nox puts Kai on the table and wraps a chair around Kai’s neck. Nox climbs to the top rope. Michelle Gonzalez runs in and knocks out Nox. She rolls Kai off the table. Gonzalez slams Nox into the table but not through it. Kai cover for the pinfall in 13:27.

WINNER: Dakota Kai

After the match, Gonzalez helps Kai up and raises her hand in victory.


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