NXT Takeover: Portland Results – 4 Title Matches, Finn Balor vs Tommaso Ciampa, Women’s Street Fight & More


Fourth Match: WWE NXT Women’s Championship Match: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Bianca Belair

They circle each other to start. They lock up. They break. They lock up. Ripley attacks Belair’s arm. Ripley grounder her. Bianca fights back by grabbing the hair. Ripley fights back with a stiff back elbow. Belair corners Ripley. Ripley fights back and sends her to the canvas.

Ripley dominates Belair. Belair fights back and slams Ripley to the canvas. Bianca stomps away on Ripley. Bianca covers for a nearfall. Belair locks in a cravate. Belair hits another slam and covers for a nearfall.

Bianca locks in a Full Nelson Camel Clutch. Ripley fights out and corners Belair. Ripley hits a back body drop. Ripley hits a lariat. Ripley hits a series of cravate knee strikes. Ripley hits a dropkick. Ripley hits an Electric Chair Facebuster. Ripley locks in the Figure Four Stretch Muffler, spanking Belair in the process. Belair fights out. Belair rolls up Ripley for a nearfall. Belair hits a huge Spinebuster, followed by a series of nearfalls.

Belair puts Ripley on the top rope. They trade blows. Belair hits a Gorilla Press Slam. Ripley counters a Handspring Moonsault. Belair counters Riptide. Ripley counters Kiss of Death. Ripley hits a big boot. Belair hits a spear. Both women are down.

Both women fight to their feet. They trade heavy blows. Ripley counters a Chickenwing. Ripley hits a Brazilian Kick. Belair back body drops Ripley out of the ring and to the floor. Belair hits a somersault tope. They brawl on the outside. Ripley slams Belair into the steps and rolls Belair back in the ring.

Belair fights back and sends Ripley to the outside again. Ripley gets on the apron and slams Belair into the top turnbuckle. They battle on the top rope. Both women fight out of superplex attempts. Belair counters a Sunset Bomb. Ripley hits a Second Rope Riptide for the pinfall in 13:32.


After the match, Charlotte Flair attacks Rhea Ripley and tells her “I’ll see you at WrestleMania.” Charlotte hits Natural Selection and then holds the NXT Women’s Title over her head. Charlotte then attacks Bianca Belair for good measure.


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