NXT Takeover: Portland Results – 4 Title Matches, Finn Balor vs Tommaso Ciampa, Women’s Street Fight & More


Fifth Match: WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Undisputed Era (c) vs. The Broserweights.

Undisputed Era attacks Broserweights during the “How Much Fish Could Bobby Fish Fry” bit. Riddle and Dunne dominate both men, but get overwhelmed as the match moves to ringside. Kyle and Riddle trade blows in the ring to start the match.

Fish tags in. Fish dominates with swift kicks, while the crowd chant the “Bobby Fish Fish Fry” song. Riddle fights out and tags in Dunne. Riddle hits an assisted Standing Moonsault. Dunne hits a basement dropkick. Fish fights back and knocks Riddle off the apron. Dunne drops Fish with a lariat. Kyle runs in, and gets his hand stomped on.

Dunne dominates both members of the Era outside the ring. Dunne hits an X-Plex on the apron. Back in the ring, Dunne stretches Fish’s arm. Fish sends Dunne to the top rope, and then kicks him to the canvas. Kyle tags in and hits a series of knees and a leg sweep. Fish tags back in.

Fish punches Dunne in the kidney. Dunne clears the apron  but eats a Samoan Drop. Kyle tags in and gets locked in an Ankle Lock. Era take turns tagging in and out, tenderizing Dunne in the corner. Kyle hits a Dragon Screw on the second rope and Fish sends him to the floor. Fish gets Dunne back in the ring for a nearfall. Kyle tags in but accidentally hits Fish with a Yakuza Kick. Dunne hits an enzuigiri and tags in Riddle. Riddle takes out both men with kicks. Riddle hits an Exploder Suplex on both men. Riddle hits a Bro 2 Sleep and a German Suplex for a nearfall.

Kyle fights back with a knee. Dunne tags in. Dunne and Riddle hit stereo knee strikes. Riddle tags in and takes out Kyle. Dunne steps on Fish’s hands outside the ring. Kyle hits a German Suplex on Riddle. Riddle hits Final Flash. Riddle hits a German Suplex. Riddle absorbs a rolling elbow and hits another Final Flash. Riddle spears Fish on the outside. Riddle runs back in the ring and spears Kyle. Fish breaks up a Jackhammer. Undisputed Era hit a double knee/wheelbarrow suplex combo.

Dunne tags in and locks in a Double Wristlock. Kyle hits a rebound lariat. The two men trade ankle locks. Dunne & Riddle lock in stereo Ankle Locks. Fish fights out. Kyle transitions to a Sharpshooter. Fish locks Riddle in a Rear Naked Choke. Riddle breaks up both holds with a knee strike and a backdrop respectively.

Fish tags in. Dunne hits a German Suplex. Dunne hits a kick to the head. Riddle tags in and climbs the top rope. Dunne puts Fish into the Electric Chair, but Fish sends Dunne smashing into Riddle. Fish hits an Avalanche Suplex. Kyle tags in and hits a King Kong Knee Strike. Kyle locks in a kneebar. Dunne snaps Fish’s fingers, and then breaks up Kyle’s submission. Dunne tags in.

Kyle and Dunne trade chops. Dunne snaps the fingers. Kyle counters Bitter End. Riddle spears Dunne by accident. Fish tags in. UE hits Chasing The Dragon for a nearfall. Dunne fights out of High Low. Riddle tags in.

Dunne and Riddle hit an X-Plex/Powerbomb combination, followed by stereo knees. Riddle & Dunne hit Bro 2 Sleep/Enzuigiri combo for the pinfall in 16:55.

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPS: The Broserweights


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