NXT Takeover: Portland Results – 4 Title Matches, Finn Balor vs Tommaso Ciampa, Women’s Street Fight & More


MAIN EVENT: WWE NXT Championship Match: Adam Cole (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They stare each other down to start to dueling chants from the crowd. They lock up. Ciampa gets Cole on the ropes and breaks. Cole and Ciampa trade holds. Ciampa locks in a tight headlock. Cole conters with a Hammerlock. They continue to trade holds. Cole retreats from the ring.

Ciampa chases Cole and dodges an elbow drop. Ciampa locks in a grounded side headlock. Cole fishhooks Ciampa to break the hold. Cole counters Fairy Tale Ending. Ciampa takes Cole back to the canvas. Ciampa takes Cole to the corner. Cimapa chops away on Cole’s chest. Cole fights back. Ciampa counters a Rope Hung Backcracker. They retreat from the ring. Cole hits a superkick on Ciampa. Cole breaks the count. Ciampa throws him over the announce table. Ciampa rolls Cole back in the ring, and Cole immediately rolls out.

Ciampa dominates at ringside. Ciampa sits cole in the Timekeeper area and chops away on him. Ciampa hits a running leg lariat, taking out a seated Cole. Ciampa celebrates by kissing the head of a bald fan. Cole avoids being put through the commentary table. Cole hits a Wheelbarrow Suplex into the announce table. Cole rolled him back into the ring. Cole hits a neckbreaker.

Cole attacks the back of Ciampa. Cole locks in a headscissors. Cole breaks the hold. Cole climbs to the top rope, and Ciampa joins him. They battle on the top rope. Cole counters an Air Raid Crash. Ciampa counters Sunset Bomb. Cole hits a Superkick and a backcracker. Cole gets a nearfall and locks in a headlock.

Ciampa gets an nearfall off a backroll. Cole counters Willow’s Bell. Cole hits an Enzuigiri. Ciampa counters Panama Sunrise with a jumping knee. They trade blows. Ciampa hits a German Suplex. Ciampa hits V-Trigger. Ciampa hits a Torture Rack Bomb for a nearfall.

Cole counters Fairy Tale Ending. They trade nearfalls. Ciampa hits a back elbow. Cole hits a leg lariat. Cole hits Ushiguroshi for a nearfall. Cole takes Ciampa to the top rope. Ciampa counters Panama Sunrise. Ciampa hits an Avalanche Air Raid Crash for a nearfall.

Cole counters Willow’s Bell and pulls Ciampa to the apron. Cole hits a Superkick. Ciampa counters a powerbomb. Ciampa powerbombs Cole onto the announce table. Ciampa powerbombs Cole through the table. Ciampa rolls Cole back into the ring. Ciampa hits a running knee strike. Cole hits a superkick. Ciampa hits a lariat. Ciampa hits Project Ciampa.

Ciampa pummels Cole. Cole hits a series of bicycle kicks. Ciampa rolls out of the ring. Ciampa counters a Tope Suicida with an enzuigiri. Ciampa rolls Cole back in the ring. Cole hits a Ropehung Piledriver. Cole hits a Brainbuster onto knee for a nearfall.

They trade blows. Ciampa unleashes a series of chops. Cole hits a superkick. Cole hits Last Shot. Ciampa rolls to the apron. Cole goes to the apron. Cole gets to the top rope. Ciampa counters Panama Sunrise with an Air Raid Crash on the apron. Ciampa breaks the count. Cole counters a Fairy Tale Ending with a back body drop. Cole climbs the announce table and hits Panama Sunrise to the floor. Cole rolls Ciampa back in the ring. Ciampa recovers and hits Willow’s Bell. Ciampa hits Fairy Tale Ending for a nearfall.

Cole locks in Gargano Escape. Ciampa counters with Gargano Escape. Cole fights to the ropes. Roderick Strong distracts the referee. Kyle & Fish pull Ciampa out of the ring and hit High Low on the outside. They roll Ciampa back in the ring, where Cole covers for a nearfall.

Ciampa ducks Last Shot and tosses Cole into the Undisputed Era. Ciampa hits Willow’s Bell on Strong. Ciampa hits a Tope onto The Undisputed Era. Ciampa rolls Cole back in the ring. Cole hits a series of Superkicks. Cole hits The Last Shot for a nearfall. Ciampa blocks a shot with the title. Cole sends Ciampa into the referee. Cole hits Ciampa with a low blow. Ciampa counters Panama Sunrise with a low blow. Ciampa hits Fairy Tale Ending for an 11 count. The referee is knocked out.

Johnny Gargano comes out to cheer on his buddy. Gargano stops Ciampa from grabbing the title belt. Gargano hits Ciampa with the NXT Title. Cole covers, the referee slides back in the ring, and the fall is counted at 33:24.


Undisputed Era celebrate with Adam Cole, while Johnny Gargano stares from the entry way.

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