NXT Takeover: Toronto Results – Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano III


NXT Takeover: Toronto Results
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 10, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

The lights go out and we hear the NXT TakeOver theme. It’s a pretty cool moment, and phones come onto light up the arena. We see a video recap of everything that is about to take place throughout the course of the night. We are welcomed to the show by Mauro Ranallo and team, into what will be an incredible night.


The NXT Tag Team Champions come out first, partying all over the arena. Out come Fish & O’Reilly to a massive pop. O’Reilly starts the match with Angelo Dawkins and O’Reilly starts to play with Dawkins, messing with him enough to set Dawkins off and rush him into the corner. Dawkins smiles and backs off, but O’Reilly slaps him in the face.

Dawkins takes exception and utilized his size advantage to continue to slam O’Reilly to the mat. O’Reilly is able to grab the leg of Dawkins and bring his way to his own corner and tag in Bobby Fish. Fish sends Dawkins off the ropes and Dawkins runs right over Fish! Dawkins tags in Montez Ford, who comes in and hits a beautiful high leaping dropkick on Bobby Fish! Fish starts to fight back and he throws Montez Ford to the outside. Fish tags in O’Reilly and he sends Ford into the corner and then we get Ford bouncing out leading into a series of chain wrestling. Ford gets the upper hand and arm drags O’Reilly over and out of the ring.

Bobby Fish comes out as, does Dawkins and Dawkins and Ford are able to high flap jack Fish. Dawkins goes and chases O’Reilly, who runs back in the ring, and then he tags in Fish and finally Fish is able to clothesline Dawkins down. O’Reilly comes back in, who hits a flurry of kicks and sweeps the leg of Dawkins, sending him crashing to the mat. O’Reilly continues to wear down Dawkins, and then tags in Fish, who hits a snap suplex on Dawkins then goes for a cover, but Dawkins kicks out.

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Dawkins is able to make the tag to Montez Ford, and Fish goes after him, but Ford leaps over and then hits a leaping clothesline, followed by a standing moonsault! Ford goes for the cover, but Fish kicks out. Ford gets up and mimics the Rock and looks to perform a People’s Elbow! He bounces off one rope, but O’Reilly grabs his leg at the other. Fish rushes him, but Ford sends him up and over to O’Reilly and they go crashing.

Back in the ring, Ford tries to put Fish up on the top, but Fish blocks and puts Ford up on top instead. Ford fights back but he goes a super Exploder from the top! O’Reilly tags himself in and he hits a knee to the back of the knee of Ford and then locks in a Achilles Lock deep on Ford! It looks like Ford is going to try for the ropes! Ford is so close, but Bobby Fish hits a splash on Ford, stopping his momentum! O’Reilly pulls him back to the center of the ring and locks it back in again! Dawkins comes in and he’s blocked by Bobby Fish and Ford is about to tap, so in one last ditch effort, Dawkins just picks up Bobby Fish and drops him on O’Reilly!!

The match makes it to the outside and Ford leaps up and over amazingly on everyone! They bring in Fish into the middle of the ring and Ford hits an incredible Frog splash and gets the cover to retain the titles!!

Winners AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: The Street Profits

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