NXT Takeover: Toronto Results – Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano III



Candice comes in right away and attacks Io. Sharai comes back with the attack and sends Candice hard into the ring apron. She then picks her up and and suplexes Candice LaRae onto the announce table HARD! The referee starts with the count and it doesn’t look like LaRae is going to be able to make it back into the ring. LaRae finally stirs and makes it back into the ring at the count of 9, but Io immediately puts LaRae in a rear chin lock, putting the strain on the beck and shoulders of LaRae right away. Candice fights off and runs off the ropes, looking to nail a headscissors, but Sharai front flips out of it and then knocks LaRae down to the mat.

Candice clutches at her neck and Sharai smells blood. She picks up Candice and climbs to the middle rope and nails her with a sickening white noise. Sharai goes for the cover, but Candice kicks out at two. Io once again goes for a move, but Candice reverses it into a DEEP Octopus but Sharai is able to get to the ropes. LaRae charges at a dazed Sharai on the ropes, but Io drop toe holds her into the ropes, then looks to hit the 619! Candice catches her then hits a brutal neck breaker to Sharai! Sharai gets to the outside of the ring and Candice hits a diving tornado DDT to the outside! HOLY CRAP!!

Back in the ring, Candice looks to hit a clothesline, but Sharai hits a German Suplex on LaRae. Candice tries to hit a springboard off the second rope and Sharai hits another German with a high bridge, but Candice somehow kicks out! Candice tries to  collect herself in the corner, but Sharai comes running with double knees. Ouch. Sharai puts her on her shoulders, but Candice some how slips out and hits a reverse rana, spiking Sharai onto the mat! Candice quickly puts Sharai on the middle rope and hits a swinging neck breaker and goes for the cover, but Io kicks out two! OMG!

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Candice gets to the top rope, but Io blocks her there. The two are jocking for position on the top and Io Sharai gets the advantage and hits Candice with an incredible top rope Spanish Fly!! Sharai goes for the cover….1…….2…..Candice kicks out! Sharai can’t believe it and she starts to scream in disbelief! Sharai goes to the top rope and hits a massive Moonsault, but Candice kicks out again!!! Sharai can’t believe it! She clutches at her hair, not knowing what to do next! She picks up Candice and just starts pummeling her, while Candice tries to collect herself. She locks in a leg scissors to the head of Sharai and wrenches it in DEEP and she continues to lock it in deeper until Candice goes to sleep and the referee is forced to call for the bell. WOW.

Winner by knockout: Io Sharai


We are starting to take a look at the match for the North American Championship, but Matt Riddle comes out and calls out Killian Dain! He says to fight him face to face…BRO!!

Dain comes through the crowd and Riddle starts to hit fist after fist after forearm, but Dain fights back. He hits a leaping kick to the face of Riddle followed by a forearm to the back of the neck! The referees come to break it up, but Riddle comes and runs at Dain! He nails Killian Dain with a ripcord knee, following by a running knee to the face of Dain. Riddle mounts Dain and security guards come out and separate the two, but Riddle fights off security to go back at Dain, but Dain hits Riddle with a sick crossbody. Riddle is able to get back up onto the back of Dain and lock in a sleeper. Dain starts to fall asleep, but he runs off the stage with Riddle on his back and taking out a security guard while at it, the three crashing through tables below.

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