NXT Takeover: Toronto Results – Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano III



Here. We. Go. Dream and Dunne are only going at it against each other and ignoring Strong, which burns Strong and he throws Dream out of the ring and he starts giving several knees to Dunne before Dunne comes back and starts manipulating the fingers of Strong. Before too much can happen, Dream comes and knocks Strong out of the ring! Dream celebrates but backs up into Dunne. The two face off against each other, but interrupted immediately by Strong.

Strong and Dunne put their differences aside and pummel Roderick Strong. They take him out for the time being and then Dream poses in the corner, but Strong grabs the legs of Dream and racks him on the ring post! Dunne gets to the second rope on the outside and hits a beautiful moonsault onto both men and everyone is down!

Back in the ring, and Strong reverses an Irish Whip, Dunne goes up and over Strong. Dream is in and he gets knocked down. Dunne proceeds to German suplex Strong right onto Dream! All three men get up and start to brawl and hit lefts and rights before Dream picks up Dunne and hits the Dream Valley Driver! Strong picks up Dream and nails him with the Olympic Slam! Dunne picks up Strong and duplexes him inside out! All three men are down!!!

Dream gets to the corner and goes up top, but he’s blocked by Dunne. Dunne starts to work on the fingers of Dream before Strong comes and suplexes Dunne off the ropes and Dream flies off as well! Strong puts Dunne and Dream on the rope and starts bouncing off the ropes and hitting Dream and Dunne with forearm after forearm with each time he goes by! Dunne comes back and he grabs the fingers of both Dream and Strong and snaps at them! Dream grabs the referee and Dunne hits the Bitter End on Strong and covers but the referee doesn’t see it! Dunne takes out Dream and sends him to the outside, then charges at Strong, but Strong reverses into the Strong Hold! Dreams comes up and sends Strong to the outside then hits Dunne with a Dream Valley Driver! Strong comes in and he sends Dream out and he hits Dunne with a lung blower! Dream comes back in and he breaks up the cover with a HUGE elbow off the top rope! He goes for the cover on Dunne and picks up the victory to retain!

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Winner AND STILL NXT North American Champion: Velveteen Dream


Collar and elbow tie up to start the match, and we have a stalemate. The two size each other up and Baszler works on the arm of Mia, but Mia is dirty and fish hooks the mouth of Baszler. The match makes it to the outside and Mia Yim starts to smile at Baszler while slamming her arm on the steel steps. She puts the arm in the middle of the steps and then stomps on the steps!

Back in the ring now, Baszler starts to hit Yim with kicks before going for a cover, but Yim kicks out. Baszler’s right arm is hurting and she can’t really use it, so she returns the favor by stomping on the arm Yim.Baszler grabs at her own arm before kicking at Yim and working on the arm of Mia. Mia is hurting so bad that she is digging her nails into the back of Baszler, then grabs the hair of Shayna. Shayna lets go and clotheslines Mia, but Shayna immediately grabs at her arm.

Yim grabs Shayna and hits a back suplex on her before both women are down. Yim hits Baszler with an awkward overhead belly to belly, sending Baszler to the outside before hitting Baszler with a suicide dive. She sends Baszler back to the inside, and nails her with a tornado DDT this time before going for the cover, but Baszler is able to escape.

Mia puts Baszler on the middle rope and she climbs up herself. She hits Baszler with a sunset flip power bomb from the second rope and goes for the cover, but Baszler kicks out. These two women are just not catching a good rhythm throughout, but thankfully Baszler puts on the Kirafuda Clutch. Yim breaks out and tries for an arm bar, but Baszler is able to breakout and lock in a leg lock to the head of Yim to lead to a tap out from Yim. Blah match.

Winner AND STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Shayna Baszler

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