NXT Takeover: Toronto Results – Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano III



Classic Wrestling Match

The two size each other up before Adam Cole gets the headlock on Gargano. Gargano sends Cole off the ropes and Cole knocking down Gargano with a shoulder block. We get some chain wrestling and we end up in a stale mate. The two size each other up again and then the match makes it outside of the ring. Gargano slams Cole’s knee off the steel steps. Back in the ring, Gargano locks up Cole’s leg in the bottom rope before jumping on his knee. Cole escapes outside of the ring and Gargano follows. Cole picks up Gargano and slams him back first in a wheelbarrow suplex onto the ring apron. YEEOUCH.

Back in the ring, Cole locks in a leg lock on the head of Gargano, but Gargano breaks out. He charges at Cole, but Cole hits an overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner onto Gargano. The two get up and start to trade right hands before Gargano hits a Fisherman’s Driver and goes for the pin, but Cole kicks out. Gargano locks in a Figure 4 onto Cole right in the center of the ring, but Cole is able to make it to the ropes. Both men get up and Cole is having trouble standing, but ducks a clothesline and gets a German Suplex on Gargano with a bridge, but Gargano kicks out!

Cole goes to the second rope, looking to hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Gargano blocks to hit a Sunset Driver and goes for the cover……1…………..2……………………..Cole kicks out! The crowd is in disbelief! Gargano goes to the second rope and looks to hit a crossbody on Cole, but Cole reverses into a Code Breaker! Both men up and Gargano throws Cole to the outside and he goes for a suicide dive, but he’s caught by Cole! Cole looks to hit another Wheelbarrow onto the apron, but Gargano reverses and the momentum sends Cole into the barricade!

Back in the ring and Cole slams Gargano to the mat and then goes to the corner for a chair! He makes it back in the ring and it looks like he is going to use it on Gargano, but the referee admonishes Cole. He drops the chair but he referee and the referee is distracted by it long enough for Cole to nail a low blow on Gargano! Cole goes for a cover, but somehow Gargano still kicks out! Cole for the chair again and the referee argues with him. He drops it and walks right into a super kick by Gargano! Gargano picks up the chair and the referee pleads with him not to use it. Gargano hesitates for a second and he nails Cole with it, disqualifying him!

Winner, First Fall: Adam Cole

Second Fall: Street Fight

The second fall starts and Gargano looks happy and then begins to annihilate Cole with the chair. He proceeds to hit a suicide dive to the outside to Cole. The match makes it through the crowd with Gargano largely in control. They make it back to the ringside area and Gargano spears Cole through the barricade! Gargano clears off the announce table and he brings Cole up on it. He looks to hit some type.of double undertook move, but Cole blocks. Cole looks to try for.a suplex, but Gargano counters and back body drops Cole right through the Spanish Announce table!

We make it back into the ring finally, and Gargano brings in two tables and a chair into the ring. He finally gets back in and gets hit with a big knee from Adam Cole, who then sets up the chair in the corner. He goes after Johnny, but Johnny picks up Cole and lawn darts him right into the chair, then locks in the Gargano Escape and Cole quickly taps out!

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Winner, 2nd fall: Johnny Gargano

Third Fall: Ambrose Asylum Weapons Cage Match

Cole quickly goes for a kendo stick but Gargano blocks him and they start to hit right hands on each other before Gargano hits a kick. He grabs a Kendo stick and so does Cole! They come back to the middle of the ring before both men start to swing away on each other over and over! They both backup and hit simultaneous super kicks. Gargano gets up first and he goes after a ladder on the top of the cage, but Gargano blocks. Gargano hits a hurricanrana off the top, then a spike reverse-rana. He sits down Cole in a chair and then nails him with another super kick.

Gargano sets up a table and Cole grabs a chair and nails him from behind. Cole Climbs the ropes and grabs a chair from the cage. Gargano tries to block and Cole throws him into the cage. Adam Cole puts Gargano on the top rope but Gargano is able to undo a fire extinguisher and spray Cole in the face. There are two set up chairs and Gargano hits a SICKENING tornado DDT onto the chairs to Cole. He goes for a cover, but Cole kicks out.

Gargano looks to get a sledge hammer off the top of the cage, but Cole tries to block. Instead, Gargano leaps off the ropes and grabs Cole to hit a leaping sunset flip power bomb off the top rope! OH MY GOD!! Gargano goes back up top and grabs the sledge hammer, but comes back down to be met with a super kick! Jesus. Cole goes up top and hits an insane Canadian Destroyer! He goes for a cover, but some how Gargano kicks out. Cole grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He climbs up and jumps off to hit a second Canadian Destroyer! He goes for the cover, but Gargano kicks out again!!

Both men are up and Cole puts Gargano’s head on a chair. He bounces off the ropes for the Last Shot, but Gargano moves and Cole goes Knee first into the Chair. Gargano takes advantage as Cole writhes in pain and he locks in an STF, and puts the finishing touches with a Kendo Stick. Cole bites at the hands of Gargano to get out and Gargano lets go, but nails Cole in the ribs with the sledge hammer! Cole can hardly breathe as Gargano sets up two tables in the center of the ring. He puts Cole on the tables and starts to climb the ladder before Cole rolls off, trying to get away. Gargano follows and nails Cole in the back with a Kendo stick.

Gargano has evil intentions in mind as he grabs a bag and sees a lot of tools in there. He grabs wire cutters and goes to the top of the cage and cuts off a piece of barbed wire! Cole tries to escape over the cage. Both men fight at the top of the cage and Gargano looks to hit Cole with the Barbed Wire, but instead both men fall from the top into the ring and through the tables! Cole rolls over onto Gargano and both men are lifeless but the referee counts and Adam Cole picks up the victory.

Winner AND STILL NXT Champion: Adam Cole (Bay Bay)

After the match, the rest of the Undisputed Era picks up Cole and helps him up the ramp as Gargano remains lifeless in the ring.

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