NXT Takeover XXV Predictions: Can Undisputed Era Run The Gauntlet?


It has become increasingly difficult to predict the match outcomes of NXT Takeover specials. It’s not that the booking of the show is especially convoluted, or even that every name is such a major star that it’s hard to imagine them losing.

It’s pretty simple – at least half the current NXT roster has no business still being in NXT.

Yeah, I get that WWE doesn’t really brand the show as a “developmental” area, but at its roots that’s what it is. The main roster is always going to be the big time. Until they start paying NXT Superstars six figures and putting them in front of millions of viewers every week on global television, it’s not the same. Not even close.

Don’t get me wrong, NXT is the far preferable product to watch. It very rarely, if ever, feels like a chore to get through, which is oftentimes more than I can say for it’s red and blue counterparts. But it’s not the same.

All that being said, this show is incredibly difficult to predict because out of everyone on the card, at least ten of the active competitors (if not more) could be called up tomorrow and have no problem adjusting to main roster life. But since there’s so many people already in WWE doing absolutely nothing, leading to a shrinking number of call-ups, it’s hard to predict where anyone will end up.

But hey, we’re gonna try…

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match – The Street Profits vs. The Undisputed Era vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch

There are just so many options here and all of them seem completely viable to me. On one hand I want to believe it’s The Street Profits time, as they’ve been in line for… **checks watch** …literally forever. They’re a high-energy tag team that can pump up a crowd, and if NXT is looking for the biggest crowd reaction at Takeover, this is probably the way to go.

But then you could say the same thing about Lorcan and Burch, in that they’ve been having incredible tag team matches in NXT going all the way back to their war with the Undisputed Era and British Strong Style. I don’t see them getting as big a crowd reaction, and I still think they need an official name and some branding to really get over as a marketable duo.

The Forgotten Sons have been around just as long, but have only recently been making waves. They made it to the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic and many thought they would be victorious. You also have the Undisputed Era, who are former champions, and since it’s the big XXV celebration I could see them going the nostalgia route with old champions becoming new again.

I guess if I have to pick – and since that’s the entire reason we’re here today, I DO have to pick – I’m going to flip a four-sided coin (they call those dice, I think) and go with the Street Profits. I have no real reason for thinking that, other than what’s said above, as I really do think it’s a 25% split chance all the way around.

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