NXT UK Results (11/22): Jordan Devlin vs Ligero, NXT UK Womens Tournament Quarterfinals, Mark Andrews in Action


WWE NXT UK Results
November 22, 2018
Episode #9

— We are informed that El Ligero will take on Jordan Devlin in the show’s main event. We’ll also have the conclusion of the NXT UK Women’s Championship quarterfinals.

RHEA RIPLEY def. XIA BROOKSIDE in an NXT UK Women’s Championship quarterfinal match. A short but good match filled with as much action as you can cram into five minutes. Ripley has a ton of heat on her. Xia looked good going into the finish, hitting a tilt-a-whirl takedown a knee strike to the back of the head. She went to put the match away, but Rhea caught her with the Riptide to win.

— James Drake and Zack Gibson were interviewed. It is unreal how much heat Gibson has at all times, no matter what he’s doing. Gibson said they had been friends for something like 13 years. They want to be considered for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

EDDIE DENNIS def. JACK STARZ. Starz chipped away at his opponent with European uppercuts, but other than that Dennis killed him in a three-minute squash with a buckle bomb into the Neckstop Driver.

— Dave Mastiff and Tyson T-Bone will collide “next week”…or…in the episode immediately following this on the WWE Network.

MARK ANDREWS def. “WILD BOAR” MIKE HITCHMAN. Andrews got the win with the Stunt Dug Millionaire into an effortless shooting star press.

TONI STORM def. ISLA DAWN in an NXT UK Women’s Championship quarterfinal match. Another short but past-faced past. Storm won the match with quick release German suplex into the Storm Zero driver to advance to the semifinals.

— JORDAN DEVLIN def. EL LIGERO. The best and longest match of the night, going a little under 12 minutes not including commercial breaks. After a great back-and-forth exchange Devlin eventually hit an impressive moonsault to the outside. He hit a running knee strike, the Island’s Call, and scored the win. After the match, Devlin called out NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne.