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NXT UK Results (11/28): Pete Dunne Defends His UK Title, Women’s Tag Team Action & More


NXT UK Results
November 28, 2018
Episode #11

— We are welcomed back to Birmingham, England and reminded that Pete Dunne will defend his NXT UK Championship tonight against Jordan Devlin, who has promised to rebrand the promotion as NXT Ireland when he wins the title.


A nice chant for Brookside as she locked up with Killer Kelly to get things started. The two worked an old school wrist lock spot with some new school flair as Kelly snuck out of the hold with a headstand and connected with a headscissors takedown. Morgan made the tag but was quickly bullied in the heel corner with quick, alternating tags.

McKenzie fought back and managed to trap Kelly on the mat with a brutal arm submission, wrenching away on the hold. She floated into a pin and tried for a German suplex, but again the numbers game came into play with Morgan taking a cheap shot, and the heels once again wearing down their opponent with quick tags and basic, physical offense.

Eventually McKenzie dug down and tossed off Kelly with a high-angle German suplex that nearly killed her and made the hot tag to Xia Brookside. Morgan threw her into the ring post as Kelly tried to distract the referee, but McKenzie came out of nowhere with a spear to take her out. Brookside with a bridging pin, and she snuck out the victory for her team.

Winners: Xia Brookside & Millie McKenzie


Smith had to jump to apply an early headlock but Dennis shook him off and ran right into a series of dropkicks. Smith tried for a suicide dive but got caught out of the air and slammed hard into the ring apron. With that Dennis slowed things down, pummeling his opponent with elbow strikes in the corner, controlling the pace of the match and delivering out punishment as he saw fit.

Smith eventually found his second win and came back with a few short-arm clotheslines, eventually getting some air to take his taller opponent off his feet. He connected with a springboard dropkick and THIS TIME hit the suicide dive correctly. A leg lariat connected, but Dennis kicked out at two-and-a-half. Dennis caught him with a crucifix Buckle Bomb in the corner, followed by a modified Bloody Sunday for the win.

Winner: Eddie Dennis


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