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NXT UK Results (11/28): Toni Storm Battles Rhea Ripley To Crown A New Champion, Tyler Bate In Action, Joe Coffey & More


NXT UK Results
November 28, 2018
Episode #12

— Joe Coffey made his way to the ring for our opening contest, where he expected to face Sid Scala. However, Scala came out dressed in a suit and announced that he was not currently medically cleared to compete after the recent beatings he suffered, which the crowd did not appreciate. He announced that Johnny Saint has given him the power to find his own replacement and he has chosen… Tyler Bate!


Bate immediately fired off with wild rights and lefts as soon as the bell rang, and Coffey answered back with huge body shots of his own that you could hear around the arena. Bate rocked his opponent with more elbow strikes and sent him flying to the outside, following up with a suicide dive for good measure. He came off the steel steps with a diving uppercut, and Bate is rolling!

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang made their way to ringside causing a distraction, allowing Joe to bludgeon his opponent and take complete control of the match. He did a double underhook Big Swing into a suplex for two. Coffey slowed things down for a few minutes working holds and snapping off with powerful suplexes when he needed to combat any momentum Bate managed to build for himself.

Bate finally got something going, digging down deep and rocking his opponent with forearm shots, but as quickly as he was back in the game, Coffey and Wolfgang were on the apron distracting him again, allowing Joe to DESTROY him with a release suplex. Trent Seven made his way to ringside, hoping to even the odds a bit, which the crowd very much appreciated.

With a little cheerleading from Trent, Bate managed to fight back with a huge rebound lariat, his first real offense in quite some time. He got the big man up on his shoulders for the AIrplane Spin, slowed down, did a few squats for good measure, and spun around in the opposite direction. Bate with a rolling flash kick. He set up for the Tyler Driver, but Coffey and Wolfgang rushed the ring to cause a DQ.

Winner via DQ: Tyler Bate

— Mustache Mountain did their best to fight off the Coffey brothers, but Wolfgang posed too much of a threat and the numbers game quickly saw them beaten down. Pete Dunne’s music hit and the champ made for the ring like a bat out of hell. British Strong Style rallied back and actually managed to force the heels to retreat, leading to a big staredown between all six men.


Liger with lots of high-flying offense early on, coming off the second rope with a headscissors takedown. Moloney caught him going for it again and slammed him down hard with a huge spinebsuster, and slowed things down from there with submissions. After a few minutes Ligero battled back and eventually hit a springboard tilt-a-whirl DDT to score the win in a simple but fun match.

Winner: Ligero


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