NXT UK Results (12/5): Jordan Devlin vs Flash Morgan Webster, Fabian Aichner Impresses, Isla Dawn In Action & More




Both ladies worked a side headlock back and forth to get things started. Dawn got sent into the ropes but took her opponent to the mat and went right back into the headlock. Samuels struggled free and after a cheap shot, put the boots to Isla in the corner as the crowd booed. She hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two, and went right into a submission, cranking away at Dawn’s arm and targeting the elbow. This didn’t last long, as Dawn quickly fought out, hit a backdrop driver, and put her opponent away with the Call of the Quarters.

Winner: Isla Dawn



Tucker tried to get some fast-paced offense going early on, but was quickly shot down by a much more aggressive, pissed off opponent. Dennis connected with a Black Hole Slam, but Tucker got his shoulder up right before three. This did not sit well with his opponent, who immediately started brutalizing him with a series of clubbing blows and elbow strikes. Tucker came out of the corner with a rolling elbow and tried for a rolling flatliner out of the ropes, but Dennis caught him out of the air and turned him upside-down with a clothesline. Dennis hit a Crucifix Powerbomb into the corner turnbuckle, connected with the modified Bloody Sunday, and scored the win.

Winner: Eddie Dennis

— The announcers kept teasing that Dennis was on a killer streak right now, and wondered who could possibly shut him down. Perhaps we will get our answer “next week”…


Solid main event. Devlin wisely kept his opponent grounded as much as humanly possible, controlling most of the action for the first several minutes. Webster tried to fight back and came off the ropes, but got rocked by a brutal clothesline, and Devlin went right back to slowing the pace with submissions. Webster fought back and threw elbows to break free, but again ran into a boot to the face and put right back down. This trend continued until Devlin was just straight-up mocking his opponent, telling him to get up and slapping him across the face several times.

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Webster fired up and started throwing slaps of his own, but Devlin poked him in the eyes and sent him crashing hard into the turnbuckles. Devlin yelled that Flash didn’t belong in NXT UK on “his show” but Webster dug down and dropped him with a running dropkick, finally giving himself some much-needed space. He took out Devlin with a series of short-arm clotheslines and series of backflip dropkicks, before connecting with a big enzuigiri in the corner. They fought to the top rope and Flash snapped off with a Frankensteiner, but it wasn’t enough. He set up for the finish but Devlin fought out and hit a Superman Punch in the corner, followed by a face wash boot. A ripcord backdrop driver connected, but Webster somehow still managed to kick out before three.

A very pissed of Devlin hoisted his opponent up, Webster fought out and delivered an absolutely sickening headbutt. They fought to the outside and Webster came off the apron with a Moonsault, taking them both down. He climbed to the top looking to put things away, but Devlin got his knees up, hit his finisher and got the pin.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

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