NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool Results (1/12) – INCREDIBLE NXT UK Title Match, New Champions Crowned, Walter Is Here!



The two start to brawl and club away at each other before Eddie Dennis hits a knee. Mastiff bounces off the ropes and slams into Dennis. Dennis rolls out of the ring and Mastiff follows, sending Dennis into the steel steps. Mastiff brings the steel steps into the ring and goes back to get Dennis, but Dennis surprises Mastiff with a Kendo stick right to the back of Mastiff. Mastiff rolls back in the ring and Dennis follows with more strikes with the Kendo Stick, and then follows it up with a Russian Leg Sweep, flooring Mastiff.

Mastiff fights back and lifts Dennis on his shoulders, looking to slam Dennis onto the steel stops in the ring. Dennis slips out and Mastiff runs off the ropes and tries for a crossbody, but Dennis catches the MUCH LARGER Mastiff! Dennis’ knees look to be buckling, but he succeeds in slamming Mastiff onto the steel steps! Dennis goes for the cover, but somehow Mastiff kicks out! Dennis goes to the outside and goes for a steel chair, but Mastiff counters and slams down Dennis. Mastiff climbs to the top rope and Dennis counters and puts Mastiff in almost a Razor’s Edge position. He slowly makes it to the center of the ring and powerbombs Mastiff! Dennis goes for the cover and once again, MASTIFF KICKS OUT!

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Dennis can’t believe it, and he goes to the outside and removes the mat, exposing the floor of the Empress Ballroom. Dennis grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up in the corner of the ring. Mastiff counters and sends Dennis to the outside. He picks up Dennis and puts him on his shoulders, only to hit a rolling senton to Dennis onto the exposed floor. He follows that up with a jumping senton, landing the big man on Dennis.

Back in the ring, the two battle away in the center in the ring. Mastiff gets the upper hand and Dennis looks out on his feet. Mastiff charges up and hits Dennis with a cannonball through the table! Mastiff goes for the cover and picks up the victory!

Winner: Dave Mastiff

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