NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool Results (1/12) – INCREDIBLE NXT UK Title Match, New Champions Crowned, Walter Is Here!



This one has the crowd SUPER HOT. We get a few Rhea Ripley chants, but the crowd is heavily into Toni. Rhea tries to charge Storm, but Storm reverses quick and starts to hit Ripley with right hands. Ripley tries to get away on the outside, but Storm gives chase. The chase goes into the ring and then Ripley gets back out, but Storm takes a shortcut by hitting a suicide dive to the outside onto Ripley. The two on the outside now, and Ripley slams Storm into the barricade on the outside. She sends Storm back into the ring and starts to stomp away on Storm.

Ripley now gets a leg scissors to Storm, focusing on the midsection while talking trash to Storm. Storm finally turns it and hits forearms to Ripley, but Ripley hits a clubbing blow to Storm, sending her to the mat. Ripley picks Storm up and hits a deliberate standing stalling suplex, She picks Storm up and hits one body slam, and then another, and Storm is in big trouble. Ripley talks trash before going for a slow methodical cover, but Storm kicks out. Storm goes to charge at Ripley in the corner out of desperation, but Ripley moves out of the way and hits Storm with a dropkick.

Ripley is visibly annoyed with Storm, and she starts tossing her around the ring by her hair. Storm is in visible pain, and Ripley continues to talk trash. She bounces off the ropes and Storm counters with a beautiful HARD headbutt! Storm can’t capitalize and both women finally make it to their feet. The two start to trade right hands and it gets faster and faster and both these women are out to punish each other! The lefts and rights continue and start to slow as they two become exhausted and then speed up again in desperation for the two to outlast each other!

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Ripley eventually gets the advantage and goes for a Riptide, but Toni Storm counters into a cross body! Storm is able to hit three German Suplexes! Storm frustratingly goes for more right hands and goes for a kick but her exhaustion has her miss, and Ripley takes advantage to hit the Riptide! She goes for the cover…..1………2….NO! Storm kicks out! Rhea Ripley can’t believe it! Ripley picks up Storm and hits clubbing clothesline after clubbing clothesline, and Storm can barely stand. OUT OF NOWHERE, STORM HITS ANOTHER HEADBUTT! She connects with a Storm Zero and goes for a cover….1………2……………………..RIPLEY KICKS OUT!

The two make it to their feet and both are exhausted. Rhea Ripley tries for another Riptide, but Storm slips out and grabs Ripley by her hair, and puts her in position for a Storm Zero. She hits it and goes for a cover…..1……..2…….WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

Winner AND NEEWWWWWWW NXT UK Women’s Champion: Toni Storm!

After the match, the crowd chants “You Deserve It” as Toni celebrates! Wooooooooo!

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