NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool II Results | WALTER Defends, 4-Way Tag Team Ladder Match, Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin, More


Jordan Devlin vs. Tyler Bate

Chain wrestling, and more chain wrestling. These two worked the hell out of the mat early on, jockeying for position and trading counter for counter. Bate got a bit cocky and went for his Bop & Bang combo early, but Devlin swatted it away and gave him a finger wag. Devlin sent him flying with a big back body drop, but Bate gave one right back then hoisted his opponent up overhead for a military press slam. After a bit more chain grappling he sent Devlin over the ropes to the outside, then cleared them with a beautiful huge tope con hilo. This crowd is HOT.

Bate went to the top looking for some kind of dive, but Devlin met him with a dropkick in midair. He followed with a series of forearms to the back of the neck, before using the ropes to choke him,  continuing to stomp away on the neck. He locked in the Romero Special, shades of the now retired Jushin Thunder Liger, but wrenched back so hard on the hold that at one point they were literally eye-to-eye. Wow. Bate surprised him with a small package for two, then delivered a series of step-up knee strikes to the jaw. An exploder suplex sent Devlin flying, and Bate kipped up looking like a fresh daisy, as if he hadn’t been wrestling 10 minutes getting the crap beaten out of him.

Devlin raked the eyes to get some space and tried to vault over the ropes, but Tyler caught him on his shoulders and began to spin, round and round for at least 20 consecutive seconds. He then went in the opposite direction, picking up steam as he went until the both collapsed. Insane. A brainbuster followed for good measure, but it wasn’t enough. He set up for the Tyler Driver ’97, but Devlin struggled free and hit a release German suplex. He threw Bate over the ropes to the apron and launched himself over for a springboard cutter – both hit the edge of the apron hard, spilling to the floor. Possibly dead. I’m not sure.

Devlin rolled back into the ring by about 8. Bate just got there in one of the closest calls I’ve ever seen. The two slowly started trading forearm shots, which basically devolved into straight right hands and closed fists. Rights and lefts until it became a straight boxing match. Bate hit the ropes for a lariat but Devlin caught him with a Spanish Fly, then once again just punched him straight in the head. He very slowly climbed to the top rope, but Bate caught him with more rights and lefts. Avalanche Spanish Fly from Devlin!

In the end, he slowly lifted Bate up, mocked his Bop & Bang combo, and drilled him with a closed fist. Bate immediately fired back with a Shibata-esque headbutt, knocking his opponent silly. Tyler went to the apron and delivered a springboard twisting Tornado DDT, then immediately hit the Tyler Driver ’97. 1…2… NO!? Devlin kicked out, and Bate sprinted to the top rope as fast as he could, delivering a twisting corkscrew splash. It’s over. What an absolute war.

Winner: Tyler Bate


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