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NXT UK Championship Match
WALTER (c) vs. Joe Coffey

Coffey caught the champion by surprise early on, managing to suplex the big man before taking him to the floor and driving him hard into the barricade. He doubled down with a stalling vertical suplex, which is ever more impressive, but didn’t get anywhere near a three-count. A very slow, methodical pace in the early going, the crowd mostly in the corner of WALTER. Coffey set in with massive chops but WALTER laughed them off and completely leveled the dude with three chops so hard that he might have hurt his own hand. And with that, the tide turned with just one move. What a beast.

WALTER completely slowed down the match, pummeling his opponent with clubbing blows and mean headbutts. He went to the floor and threw Coffey into the barricade several times, before taking it back to the ring and locking in a Camel Clutch. The challenger nearly escapes, but WALTER transitions right into a modified crossface submission. Eventually Joe gets to the ropes, but just barely. More chops. More slow, sloooooow carnage.

After an eternity WALTER attempts to climb the ropes for some reason, and Coffee uses the positioning to get the big man up on his shoulders for an Electric Chair Drop. He rallies with a few lariats to the chest of the champion, but runs right into a big powerbomb for two. WALTER went for a shotgun dropkick, but accidentally sent the referee to the moon as Coffey rolled out of the way. The challenger hit a powerbomb, rolled up WALTER but of course there’s nobody to make the count.

Alexander Wolfe ran out and put the boots to Coffey. Ilja Dragonuv made the save and went wild on him with crazy rights and lefts, but accidentally dropkicked Joe and may have hurt his knee in the process. The two extras fought to the back, but Coffee couldn’t climb the ropes as he knee gave out. WALTER chopped him down with headbutts, but Joe fought back and sent him flying with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Coffey started rolling with desperate rights and lefts, followed by a big left hook you could hear around the arena. WALTER got in the ropes but the hits kept coming, so he took a cheap shot to the injured knee. The champion again climbed to the top, but this time he made it and delivered a monstrous diving splash. Coffey’s not done yet though, and unseats him with another suplex. He lined up in the corner, but WALTER… put him in a sleeper hold. The champ broke it and started delivering kicks and chops to the back of the neck, hits a Tazz plex, then goes right back into the sleeper hold. It’s over.

Winner & Still Champion: WALTER

The rest of Imperium came out to celebrate with WALTER after the match, or whatever it is these super serious men do to qualify as “celebrate”. Stand around looking grumpy while drinking Scotch, probably. Hold up – the Undisputed Era is here!

All four members of Undisputed Era hit the ring and swarm Imperium, clearing the ring of everyone but WALTER. The UK champ starts swinging wildly but he’s taken down by the High/Low from Fish and O’Reilly. Adam Cole gives him the Last Shot and the group poses over him to end the show.

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