NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff Results (8/31): WALTER & Tyler Bate Put On A Clinic, Two New Champions Crowned, More


NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff Results
August 31, 2019
London, England

Live report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We are kicking off tonight’s WWE NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff with singles action as Noam Dar squares off against Travis Banks with both men making their official Takeover debuts. The Scottish Supernova starts off the match with his usual cheeky personality, trying to get under the skin of the Kiwi Buzzsaw, smartly using the ropes to avoid him.

Dar looks for the ankle lock early but Banks is able to escape as the two men then continue to start getting a proper foothold in the match, but they are able to reverse each other. After Dar looks for a handshake, Banks finally gets that upper hand with a punch to the face and after sending Dar to the outside he follows it up with a big soccer-style kick to Noam.

Dar catches Noam out though by playing possum, catching Banks and hanging him up on the top rope and he follows it up with a big clothesline from the top turnbuckle, providing an awkward landing for Travis. Despite Banks’ attempt to fight back, Noam Dar is smart to stay in control by snapping him into the ropes, damaging Banks’ shoulder.

Travis has plenty of fight in him though, sending Dar into the turnbuckle and following it up with a snap German suplex into a bridge, but Dar kicks out at two. Dar then catches Banks with several kicks, despite being on his back, and brings down Banks as he looks for a submission victory against the shoulder.

However, Banks is able to reverse it and locks in a modified crossface, although Dar is able to roll into the ropes to force a break. Dar slaps Travis, enraging him which leads to Banks going for a kick, which Dar avoids, hanging him on the ropes as he hits several kicks of his own.

The former 205 Live star then walks straight into a kick by Banks and as he goes for a slice of heaven, Dar reverses and locks in a Knee Bar, but he manages to escape. The two men continue their battle with Dar sending Travis to the outside with a dropkick which he follows up by sending Banks into the steps.

Back in the ring Dar rocks Travis Banks with a huge clothesline from behind, leaving the Kiwi Buzzsaw blindsided, but he is able to kick out to keep things going. Dar then gets caught though a dropkick from Banks leaves his opponent in the drop zone which Banks takes advantage of with a double stomp, but Dar kicks out.

Despite Dar staying alive in the match, the Kiwi Buzzsaw follows it up with a big suicide dive, and he is then able to reverse Dar’s move into a slice of heaven on the outside. Back in the ring, Banks hits a double stomp from the top rope, but Dar is still able to kick out.

The two men then go back and forth with kicks and strikes with Banks eventually coming off on top with a big knee to the face of Dar. However, as he looks for his finisher, Dar catches him again, kicking his legs away on the second rope and he quickly follows it up with the Novarolla to secure the victory.

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Winner: Noam Dar

Cesaro is then shown backstage as he is asked who he thinks will answer his challenge, but he doesn’t care who it is, as he is just here for a fight. This leads to Ilja Dragunov appearing and we seemingly have our answer.


Ilja Dragunov gets on the microphone, stating he is here and he calls out Cesaro, telling him he is waiting…

Straight from the bell Dragunoc attacks Cesaro with a big boot to the face, but Cesaro doesn’t waste any time in turning things around with several huge chops as this one starts off at a blistering pace. Dragunov doesn’t back down though, hitting some chops of his own, taking Cesaro down which he follows up with a senton.

The Imperium member then looks to keep the pace high but he is caught by Cesaro who just dumps him on the outside and then launches him onto the barricade. Back in the ring and Dragunov continues to show fighting spirit, but the main roster star remains in complete control.

The NXT fans demand a swing from Cesaro, who attempts it, but Ilja gets away to avoid it, only for Cesaro to rag him up, catching his opponent’s neck onto the bottom rope. Cesaro finally sets it up, and much to the delight of the UK crowd, the swing is in progress! For those counting, Cesaro swung him an incredible 40 times.

Cesaro then goes for a pinfall but transitions straight into a crossface submission which Dragunov gets out of with a pinfall attempt and he then finally gets some offence of his own with a huge clothesline to provide much-needed breathing space.

Dragunov then uses his strength to drop Cesaro, sending him to the outside as he follows it up with a big suicide dive. He then hangs Cesaro up on the bottom rope and hits a huge low dropkick from the opposite top rope, coast to coast style.

Both men then start trading massive chops again with Cesaro hitting a big headbutt to stop Ilja in his tracks, which he follows with a massive knee to the face and then a huge uppercut, but somehow Dragunov kicks out. This time it is Dragunov’s turn to get in some offence though with a death valley driver into the bottom turnbuckle which he follows by going to the top rope with a huge senton.

Dragunov attempts to continue his attack but he is launched into the air and caught with an uppercut as Cesaro follows it up with the Neutralizer to get the win.

Winner: Cesaro

After the match Cesaro returns and shows his respect to Dragunov by going to shake Dragunov’s hand, putting him over to the fans.

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