Ohno Update, Hogan Talks TNA & WWE Return Rumors, Sheamus


– Bill Apter of 1wrestling.com spoke with Hulk Hogan at the signing in Pennsylvania on Friday. Hogan confirms he quit TNA, discusses WWE return rumors and more:

– Sheamus, who appears to be growing out a beard, was a special guest at the Miami-Dade Veterans Parade on Friday. Here’s a photo:

Sheamus at parade

– As noted late last night, WWE released Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) from his developmental deal on Friday morning. Ohno was trending worldwide on Twitter last night. Besides the PWS show on November 16th against Hurricane Helms, Hero has been announced for Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s All Star Weekend in December. A number of other independent promotions are scrambling to book Hero.

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  1. WWE is wanting GOLDBERG to come back to face Ryback at Wrestlemania. And THE UNDERTAKER to put The Streak on the line against Lesnar. I have not talked to ONE SINGLE FAN who wants to pay $60 for that PPV. And why should they? We’ve seen both matchups ten years ago, pretty much. (Come on – how different would GOLDBERG vs Ryback be from GOLDBERG vs Lesnar? And I’m the only person I know who found THAT match even tolerable) GOLDBERG HIMSELF said in an interview with a Miami Herald reporter just a couple of months ago that he has no interest in coming back to face Ryback, and that, in fact, the only two guys he had a desire to get in the ring with if he came back were Stone Cold… and THE UNDERTAKER.. And why not? During his one year in WWE the only two major superstars GOLDBERG didn’t compete against were Kurt Angle (THAT would’ve been an awesome match!) and THE PHENOM. If he’s going to come back for one big match, what bigger match than versus The Treak on the biggest stage of them all? And why waste (no offense) ‘TAKER’s one annual appearance on an opponent we saw him face already? NO. Anyone with any true feel for the show wants to see what SO MANY HAVE WANTED TO SEE FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Let Ryback face Sheamus or Big Show – either would make a great match. Let Lesnar take on Orton – THAT would be a TERRIFIC match. But GOLDBERG coming back to get in the ring against THE DEADMAN? THAT would be LEGENDARY! GOLDBERG VS UNDERTAKER AT WM XXX!!! If you feel the same way, we need to START RAISING HELL.

    • Every wrestler has haters. Shawn Michaels. Kurt Angle. Even THE UNDERTAKER. And certainly GOLDBERG. And definitely Lesnar. The problem most fans have with Lesnar is his attitude since he returned. And I’m not talking about his “character”. Honestly, though, to simply proclaim “Goldberg sucks” is ignorant. You don’t like the guy? Fine. Like I said – plenty fans don’t care for Lesnar either. But from the multitude of discussions I’ve had on many sites and in person, you are honestly the first I’ve encountered who would rather see UNDERTAKER face Lesnar at WM XXX than GOLDBERG. In fact, among real DEADMAN fans, the second-most popular choice for opponent seems to be Sting. Lesnar. Actually seems to be second-LEAST popular amongst proposed opponents, right above Cena. (Jeez, let’s pray THAT doesn’t happen).


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