Oliver John Discussing WCA Race for the Ring Finals

RFTR FinalsOn January 18th, 2014, Wrestling Cares Associations will hold the finals of the yearlong “Race for the Ring” Tournament. The tournament finals will be Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole to determine the Race for the Ring Champion. The Wrestling Cares Association event will also feature a tag team match to determine the Golden State Tag Team Championship under “Race for the Ring Rules” The Forever Hooligans vs. Timothy Thatcher and Oliver John.  If most Wrestling Cares Association fans remember the last time The Forever Hooligans faced Timothy Thatcher and Oliver John, the match end with The Forver Hooligans coming out on top. Wrestling Cares Association fans been waiting patiently for several weeks to witness the crowning of the Race for the Ring Champion but also on the same night determine The Golden State Tag Team Champions.


Pro Wrestling Smark Talk several week had the opportunity of speaking with Oliver John to discuss the Wrestling Cares Association Event, The Race for the Ring Finals and finally his thoughts on the Golden State Tag Team Championship match against The Forever Hooligans.


1). Oliver John can you provide my readers some history and background behind the Race for the Ring Tournament?


Oliver John: “The brain child of Les Thatcher, Nigel McGuiness and Jimmy Jackson, a way to do fundraisers for charities with assistance with pro wrestling. The Wrestling Cares Association Race to the Ring Tournament is a great concept, The Race to the Ring Tournament brought some of the best independent wrestling talent from across the country; different independent wrestling promotions such as Ohio Valley Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA, ECWA, WildKat, NYWC, and Evolve.  The greatest thing about The Race to the Ring Tournament it attracts and showcases different styles of wrestling; high flying, hard hitting and technical wrestling.  The Race to the Ring Tournament matches are setup Ironman Match style, tournament matches have a time limit; First and Second Round Matches 10 minutes, and of course the Semi Finals/Finals are 15 minutes.  A participant must cumulate as many points as possible during the duration of their match, whomever score the most points (gain the most decisions) will win the match. In case of a tie at the end of the time limit there is a three minute sudden death round. Every match in the Race to the Ring Tournament so far has provided great storytelling and in ring psychology. The fans have been giving every tournament match a standing ovation, because every match turn out to be classic each time. I was eliminated by Timothy Thatcher in the first round tournament and Wrestling Cares Association brought us back as a tag team”.


2). Oliver John, who you think will win the Race for the Ring Tournament Final between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole?


Oliver John: “It’s really tough to decide, both competitors are so good, either guy could win this tournament. I guarantee this match will not be a five minute affair it’s going to be seesaw back and forth action with two of the best pro wrestling competitors in the business.  The ultimate winners are the fans attending the event that night and also the fans whom will purchase the DVD later”.


3). Oliver John could you give my readers some background surrounding you and Timothy Thatcher’s tag team match with The Forever Hooligans.


Oliver John: “This is a rematch from the last Wrestling Cares Association Event, we defeated Ryan Taylor and Scorpio Sky in the Semi Finals of the Golden State Tag Team Championship Tournament. I personally forget whom the Forever Hooligan defeated to advance in the Tournament Finals, but there was no real animosity between us, it was nice for a change to see good sportsmanship.  The Forever Hooligan pulled a swerve behind the referees back and round house kick me right in the back of the head, secure the pin fall. Les Thatcher came out and held the trophy up and Wrestling Care Association decide to bring us back this time under “Race for the Ring Tournament Ironman Rules”.  The tag team must cumulate as many points as possible during the duration of their match, whomever score the most points (gain the most decisions) will win the match. In case of a tie at the end of the time limit there is a sudden death round. It going to be an exciting match. Timothy Thatcher and myself have an old school style, while The Forever Hooligans have a more modern day type style because their smaller competitors”. Our strategy heading into the match, basically keep them in the corner, three pin attempt every time and keep a fresh man in the ring”.


4). Oliver John could you explain very quickly the Special Tribute Wrestling Cares Association is having for Adam Pearce on January 18th, 2014.


Oliver John: “I don’t quite have all the details but he had an incredible career and you can honestly say he’s a self-made man in our industry. I think Wrestling Cares Association basically is profiling his career, honoring his contribution to our industry and profession”.


5). How can fans attended Wrestling Cares Association Event on January 18th, 2014?


Oliver John: “Wrestling fans in the Central/Southern California Area can retrieve tickets for the event through Wrestling Cares Association website: www.wrestlingcares.com.  The First Lady of Ring of Honor Maria Kanellis will be our Host for the event. Please go to www.facebook.com/wrestlingcaresassociation and click on the like button on the page; also purchase the Wrestling Cares Association DVD when it becomes available it’s for a worth cause. Wrestling Cares Association present the product as a sport not sports entertainment, support this incredible company. We have several incredible matches already announce for the event, please come out and support this event”.


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