One Day Before Quitting Impact Wrestling Chris Adonis Speaks On Why He Returned, Numerous Changes In Management


As noted, Chris Adonis, fka Chris Masters in WWE, finished up with Impact Wrestling rather unexpectedly at the last set of TV tapings. We reported yesterday that Adonis’ abrupt departure from Impact left officials scratching their heads, and just one day before he quit the company, Adonis spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine. Below are some interview highlights.

On returning to Impact:

“It kind of happened almost by accident,” he said.

“I was with Global Force Wrestling when they were branding with Impact under one umbrella for a little while. I didn’t know if I would end up here, honestly, but I know that it’s a good place to work. Things are looking really bright for them. And the fact that it was in Florida most of the times I enjoyed compared to Toronto, Canada where I was at. I’m an L.A. guy but moved to Toronto about six months ago, so that’s been an adjustment.”

On the many changes within Impact Wrestling over the course of the past year:

“It has been a crazy year with all the changes in the company and guys and guys out,” he said.

“…There just needs to be some consistency. Consistency went out the window in the last year, but you couldn’t help that with all the changes. You just have to get some consistency going, which I think they are in route to doing. The sky is the limit.

“…I’ve only just met Don and conversating over the past couple of days, but I have heard good things about him. It seems like he has a bigger pulse on professional wrestling, which is good. He knows the trends of what’s going in and out and how to maybe adapt to the new environment we live in with technology and how the world is evolving in general. Scott D’Amore brings a lot of experience and a good figure to help head it up at the helm. Sonjay [Dutt] is here too. Time will tell, but it seems they have the right players here in place to capitalize on the talent involved.”

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