Nothing can be certain in life except for death, taxes, and NXT constantly delivering.

For the third time this year, WWE’s NXT brand has delivered a TakeOver event that has not only rivaled the main roster’s pay-per-view events but has arguably surpassed them in every way imaginable. The idea that NXT is WWE’s developmental brand is only true in theory, not design.  Since 2014, NXT and its TakeOver events have proved to be some of the best wrestling not just on the WWE Network, but in the whole world of professional wrestling.

Let this sink in. TakeOver: Chicago II ran for two and a half hours. The next night, Money in the Bank ran for over four hours. The card for Money in the Bank consisted of matchups between Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal, and Big Cass and Daniel Bryan. All of which did not actually need to take place nor added anything of real value to the event or storylines. However, TakeOver did not feature the likes of Adam Cole, EC3, or Pete Dunne competing simply because the card was stacked and did not have room.

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NXT does not feel the need to shoehorn every member of the roster onto an event that is meant to feature the best of the best. WWE’s main roster is riddled with this idea that every member on the roster has to be featured.  With the move to make every main roster PPV dual-branded, we have seen these monthly events move from three hours to four.  The yellow brand has roughly five TakeOver events each year that range from two hours to three. NXT is the perfect embodiment of the motto “Less is More.”

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