Original Plans For Cesaro Revealed – IC Title Win & More

Source: The Wrestling Observer

There was a plan in place for Cesaro to win the WWE Intercontinental title from Bad News Barrett at one point. However, WWE switched programs for Cesaro as he is now going against Sheamus for the United States title.

WWE officials reportedly believed that it would hurt Cesaro to go after the Intercontinental belt and felt that Sheamus was a more viable opponent for Cesaro. There is no word on if this will affect the outcome of Cesaro’s match with Sheamus on Sunday at Payback.

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  • Jeff Rittenour

    oh yeah it’s way better to have the US title over the IC…NEVER give it to a guy who might add some prestige to it…f***ing ridiculous.

    • allanb

      it didnt help on his 8 month us title run. cesaro doesnt need either title he needs the world title